The Best All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant In Every State


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AK Buffet, Fairbanks

"This is not a dressy place. This is your typical buffet, but with a great selection of food, lots of seafood, for affordable, actually for inexpensive prices. I don't know how they can provide such a good meal for so little!"

-Ron C., Yelper


Alabama Benjamin Y.

"This is our favorite Indian restaurant in Birmingham. Everything we have tried has been amazing ... The service is also excellent; the owner is always there and waits tables himself. We will definitely be regulars!"

-Mandy M., Yelper


Arizona Jen A.

Tokyo House, Little Rock

This Asian buffet has a little bit of everything but, according to Yelpers, the sushi is the real stunner. According to Gary C, it's "the best [he's] had at a buffet ANYWHERE in the country." New India Gate

"This place is a hidden gem! One of my worries after moving to AZ was there wouldn't be any good Indian Food. This place has friendly people, amazing food, and reasonable prices. The tikka masala is my fave! I even went back for seconds! Also, the coconut fudge is delicious! I can't wait to go back!"

-Nicole R., Yelper



Indian yumm

Royal Tandoor, Santa Clarita

"What?! $9.95 per person, all you can eat lunch buffet! This is our first time here and we enjoyed every minute of it. Their lunch buffet has so much variety of different dishes and good flavors. Quality food. The waiters are friendly and polite. We'll definitely be back!"

-Moonique O., Yelper


Colorado Zaika M.

"Coming to Zaika on a weekly basis just isn't enough. Friendly service, amazing food, and a traditional/modern Indian music soundtrack. Love this place!"

-Shawn P., Yelper


Connecticut The Charcoal Grill

If you're into Brazilian steakhouses, this is the spot. Yelpers can't get enough of the charcoal-prepared Brazilian BBQ.


Washington D.C. DD C.

"Awesome buffet. Quality and diversity of food is great, well-maintained throughout the day, and half-priced after 3 p.m."

-Fatima K., Yelper


Delaware Nancy H.


Florida S.

"Incredible. Absolutely incredible. I'm not sure how else to describe my experience. The food and service were beyond my expectations. I've been to other Brazilian steakhouses, but this has to be at THE top of my list. Every staff member was constantly attentive and asking what meats I wanted and I left very full and happy! "

-Lina C., Yelper




Fogo De Chão, Atlanta

"As an all you can eat meat extravaganza with servers that come by and carve these succulent meats table side, this place is truly heaven on earth for the carnivore in you."

-Joey R., Yelper




This spot is actually inside a gorgeous Hari Krishna temple and the amazing veggie buffet is a mere $13 suggested donation. A relaxing location plus cheap, healthy eats? Sounds like paradise.



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"Fast Indian food on a paper plate! Count me in! This is a good little spot for a quick bite of some very tasty Indian Food! I love Samosas and these folks know how to do it right! Piping hot, and beaming with flavor!"

-Patrick T., Yelper


Idaho Anisa S.

"Excellent Sunday buffet, including several cheese or potato options for vegetarians. Sauces make the difference in Indian food, and their sauces are to die for. Delicious, including the complimentary Chai."

-Gwen M., Yelper



Making it a lazy Saturday with some Filipino food from Ruby's

You've been to Asian buffets, Brazilian buffets, and Indian buffets, but have you been to a Filipino buffet? If the answer is no, Ruby's is the place to go.


Indiana India Cafe

India Cafe, Indianapolis

"Definitely our favorite Indian restaurant in Indy! Everything was perfect tonight. Service and food and great portion sizes. Have now tried several different dishes and all are our favorites."

-Cindy T., Yelper


Kansas Kai C.

"LOVE PIZZA WEST! We've been there multiple times, and we'll keep coming back. The food and service are fantastic, and the prices are just right! You get a good amount of food for your money, and the lunch time salad bar is really good too. Their food has lots of flavor and is better than a lot of homemade. We haven't found a restaurant anywhere that is more accommodating than at Pizza West. If you don't see what you want on the menu, they'll make it if possible."

-PC C., Yelper.



Tandoor has a nice, new location! Food is just as tasty as ever. Glad I got to enjoy the lunch buffet, yesterday.

Though some complain the restaurant's blue overhead lighting casts a strange glow on the food, all it takes it one bite to stop caring about it completely.


Lousiana Taste of India

"Full disclosure: This is my favorite restaurant and I'd pick it without hesitation for my last meal."

-Sean B., Yelper.



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This Brazilian BBQ spot lets you do all-you-can-eat or pay by the pound, so you don't feel the need to gorge if you're not feeling too hungry.


Maryland Chutney Indian Restaurant

"One of my favorite Indian restaurants in the area. Try the Sunday buffet — for about $14, you get a taste of many dishes. Even on a busy afternoon, the place is not overly crowded, the buffet line is never long, and the waiters are always attentive. They definitely make sure your cup never goes empty!"

-Bella P., Yelper



Indian goodness! Butter Chicken, Goat Curry, Pakora & Bhendi Masala and Basmati Rice. We ❤ this place!

"I've been to Taj about a dozen times over the past year, and every time I go I find something new that I enjoy in the buffet. It's kind of our go-to spot for weekend lunch. Really happy to see they are gaining the popularity they deserve."

-Ben V., Yelper


Michigan Raj Palace

Raj Palace, Livonia

"One of the best Indian buffets I've ever eaten, and definitely the best I've had in southeast Michigan! First, it's a phenomenal deal. Second, there's a large variety of dishes: salad, papadum, desserts, biryani, vegetarian, chicken, even goat! And they bring a generous basket of freshly made naan to your table. Lastly, and most importantly, everything tastes great."

-Valerie B., Yelper


Minnesota Kara D.

"$12.99 for a Saturday Indian lunch buffet. The food was so good. The chicken curry was exceptional and they had unlimited samosas! Yum! The best part ... The naan is made fresh."

-Val H., Yelper


Missouri Copper Chimney

Copper Chimney, Saint Peters

"This place has amazing food. We went for the lunch buffet and all the food was fresh and delicious. The price was excellent for the quantity and quality. Service was great ... If you want excellent Indian food, you will not be disappointed with this place."

-Joanne M., Yelper


Mississippi Rachel L.

Fried chicken, BBQ, pulled pork, fried okra, corn bread, peach cobbler, and basically any quintessential Southern food — Mama Hamil's has 'em.



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"Snuck in at the end of the lunch buffet and the food was outstanding! The curry was amazing and everything else they had out was right on par. The staff was so attentive and they offered to make anything that wasn't out on the buffet for us fresh! A hidden gem!"

-MJ A., Yelper


North Carolina

Oh Flaming Amy's, how we love you

"Awesome Mongolian BBQ-type joint. The staff deserves at least 5 stars. They talked us through the process and let us try as many sauces as we wanted. They even suggested what would pair well with our veggies/meat selections! And when you dine in it's all you can eat! So if you don't like something, you can always start over from zero!"

-Alyssa S., Yelper


North Dakota

Something worth leaving the house for when it's below zero: Indian food.

"Truly a diamond in the rough for Fargo. An impeccably clean restaurant with authentic Indian fare and friendly staff who treat you like family. A must-try if you're looking something off the beaten path."

-Sarah C., Yelper



Yum lol #parrillada #omaha #guacamaya

Can't make up your mind between enchiladas and carne asada? With the buffet at Guaca Maya you can get both (plus tacos and flautas and churros).


New Hampshire Gorham Dynasty Buffet

"Super good food at a great price. I have been to many Chinese buffets, but Gorham Dynasty is by far one of the best. Dumplings are homemade and rival the best places in Chinatown in Boston. Wife and I feasted for $25 total. Wish I lived Closer!"

-Jim S., Yelper


New Jersey

We feasted

"I recently moved into the area and it has been both a blessing and curse to be within walking distance to this place. Every time I get a craving for Indian, it just so happens to be on a Wednesday = DINNER BUFFET! I love this place. Most importantly, I love the buffet. You get the opportunity to try all types of things and get as much as you want."

-Rose R., Yelper


New Mexico

#AMSpicesOfIndia #VegetarianCuisine #505

"The food here is absolutely amazing! Buffet was delicious and all you can eat. Usually don't find quantity with quality like this. Absolutely wonderful authentic Indian cuisine made with love by a kind family. Highly recommend this vegetarian gem in Albuquerque!"

-Zappo D., Yelper.


Nevada Susanna C.

Yelpers rave about this Indian buffet, and since it's right off the Vegas strip, it's an easy and amazing option that tourists can get in on too.


New York


Flavors, Canandaigua

"I've had Indian food in NYC, San Fran, Berlin, Beijing, and a whole slew of other smaller cities ... and I was absolutely shocked to find out that the best Indian food I've ever had was in Canandaigua, NY, just 15 minutes from where I grew up."

-Adam M., Yelper



Vegan chorizo street tacos at Cocina de Carlos in Perrysburg. #vegan #veganfoodshare #veggietacos #toledo #ohio #tacos #mexican

"Phenomenal food, phenomenal service! Try the lunch buffet ... LOTS of tasty homemade food to choose from. Quick service, very fair prices!"

-Colleen H., Yelper



All the curry. #indianfood #curry #naan #foodporn #tandoorichicken #yum

"Every time I come I wish I visited more often. The bread is fantastic, and the lamb and chicken are prefect every time."

-Matt S., Yelper



Happy #cincodemayo! Celebrate all weekend long with Mexican-inspired dishes for the whole familia!

"Not sure how you can go wrong here. They have excellent salads, excellent soups, and other excellent choices for a more healthier kind of a buffet. Yes, you may eat so much that it ends up not being much healthier, but it's a place to start. Very clean and friendly service."

-Chad P., Yelper


Pennsylvania Mg G.

"After trying all the Indian offerings in the area and Aman's having been recommended by an Indian friend who is picky about food, this is now my go-to place! Fabulous food (great veggie options!) and excellent service (dine in and take out) with customizable spice levels. Waitstaff is cheerful and attentive, which is in stark contrast to many of the other establishments in the area. Make sure you BYOB!"

-Clea M., Yelper


Rhode Island Emely S.

Nordic Lodge, Charlestown

All-you-can-eat lobster and filet mignon? Sign us up.


South Carolina

Definition of #farmtotable #thesecretgarden #westcolumbia #sundayfunday #delish

"This place is absolutely delicious! It is like eating Sunday dinner at my grandma's house. All of the vegetables are so fresh. The owner is so nice and friendly. He grows most things on his farm. We will definitely be back."


South Dakota Pizza Ranch

Pizza Ranch, Rapid City

Pizza Ranch is basically heaven for those pizza lovers that want a slice from every pie.


Tennessee Joelle P.

"This was the best meal we have had in a very long time. OMGosh — the selection of Moroccan food seemed endless. The buffet was varied, fresh, and very delicious. The grilled meats served at your table were nicely cooked. I will be going back soon!"



If you are looking for a Chinese Vegan buffet in Frisco TX, then #veggieexpressfrisco is the place. It's a simple casual restaurant but the food is good and they have at least 12 dishes to choose from. We'll definitely come back whenever we're in the neighborhood. Let's support our local vegan restaurants! #bonappetit !!! #vegan #veganism #veganeats #govegan #veganfood #veganlife #vegansofig #vegannation #veganplanet #veganshares #veganathlete #veganprotein #vegansofinstagram #veggies #eatyourveggies #eatveganfood #plantbased #plantbuilt #plantstrong #greens #veganmeal #veganrecipes #vegan #veganlunch #veganfoodie #vegancooking

"If you happened to wander in and not realize it's vegan, you'd still walk away very happy, because it's great Chinese food first and a bonus that it's vegan!"

-John T., Yelper


Utah Lala P.

"Great lunch buffet at India Palace, and I don't normally do buffets of any kind. The buffet here, however, is well kept and the food is fresh from the kitchen, where you can hear the pots and pans banging around."

-Jean W., Yelper


Virginia Coastal Spice

Coastal Spice, Virginia Beach

"Pow pow pow pow pow pa chow! That's what the flavors are like when you eat here. It's like a damn flavor royal rumble in your mouth!"

-Gabriel D., Yelper


Vermont Dan R.

Lucky Buffet, St. Albans

"The lunch price is a great value, I think its $6.25 for all you can eat ... if you go to McDonalds that will buy you a single Big Mac meal. So at least with this buffet you get lots of choices, huge variety."

-Barry L., Yelper



Oh man! Pretty stoked about this Seattle discovery. Umma's Lunch Box Korean Buffet. They charge by the container not the weight. Clearly they could tell it was by first time-they told me to get back in line and get more. Kale salad, kimchee fried rice, bean sprouts, rice noodles, sushi, honeyed sweet potatoes, bulgogi, pickled radish, carrots, marinated potatoes, burdock root and of course SPAM MUSUBI. #koreanbuffet #spammusubi #seattlesecrets

At Umma's you can pick whatever box suits your hunger, pay for that size, and then fill it to the brim with whatever Korean options draw your eye from their buffet. Insider tip: go on Thursday or Friday to get in on their popcorn chicken.


Wisconsin Damu A.

"I've lived a lot of places and I'm not sure I've ever had Indian food that was this good! Their lunch Buffett is massive and also offered on the weekends. It doesn't get much better than that!"


West Virginia Spice C.

"I eat here four times a week. Their buffet is clearly labeled and the food is always fresh. The delectable dishes don't last long on the buffet; you need to go to see why!"

-Chadwick K., Yelper


Wyoming Summer K.

"I generally avoid buffets because they tend to have low-quality food. This place is great. Loved the sushi selection, as well as the other meal choices — so much good food and so little stomach space."

-Chris L., Yelper