The Best Canned Corned Beef, Ranked

In the weeks leading up to St. Patrick's Day, prepare yourself with loads of your favorite canned corned beef. Here are our top three favorites, in good-better-best order.

1. Key Food Quality Corned Beef With Natural Juices

Key Food Quality Corned Beef With Natural Juices


This corned beef is specific to Key Food supermarkets, making it a little harder to get your hands on if you're not near one of their stores. It is also the leanest of the canned corned beef options, so if you prefer a fattier one, the next two brands are for you. That said, it's still dark, juicy, and Spam-y—all good things.

2. Libby's Corned Beef

Libby's Corned Beef


Yes, this is the same Libby's that makes the iconic pumpkin pie purée. The Chicago-based brand bills this product as "healthy," though it's suuuper high salt content might convince you otherwise. Keep in mind, though, that salt is essential to the Corned Beef Experience™: the more the better.

3. Hormel Premium Quality Corned Beef

Hormel Premium Quality Corned Beef


Hormel is a historic brand for a reason—they're canned meat aficionados and corned beef is no exception. This stuff is the thickest, meatiest, and yet, somehow, lightest of the three. Stock up!