The best dumbbell sets for working out at home

Working from home can have a massive impact on your health and fitness, especially when it disrupts your normal routine.

Gone are the days of nipping to the gym on your lunch break or squeezing in a class before your last train home. Your fitness can start to spiral without a regular workout plan, and it can be difficult to recover. It's not impossible, though.

You can fully commit to working out from home if you have the right equipment and plenty of motivation. You really haven't got any excuses any more, because you can purchase everything from treadmills to ellipticals online. Motivation is a little more tricky, but surrounding yourself with quality fitness gear may provide a push to get started.

Everyone will have a different focus when starting out, but one of the most important purchases for anyone on a fitness journey is a set of weights. You can perform plenty of different exercises with dumbbells, and some products are adjustable so you can switch things up or increase the load as you progress.

There are lots of options out there for total beginners, top athletes, and everything in between. You can find popular sets from top fitness brands like York Fitness, Men's Health, and Sportstech, with something for everyone. It doesn't matter what your goals are or what sort of shape you're in, because there will be a set that works for you.

We have researched everything on offer to highlight a selection of your best options. These are the best dumbbell sets for working out at home.

Stocks will be limited due to increased demand for workout gear at the moment, but you can always set up an alert for when your favourite product is back in stock.

Best for durability

The best dumbbell sets for working out at home

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The Good

  • Rubber coated
  • Contoured ergonomic chromed grip
  • Available in singles and pairs

The Bad

  • The rubber smell isn't for everyone

The Bottom Line

These durable dumbbells are great for expanding your home weight selection.

York Fitness Rubber Hex Dumbbells

Rubber coated ends provide durability and protection, and stop your weights from rolling away.

The York Fitness Rubber Dumbbells are constructed to be as durable and practical as possible. They are hexagonal shaped so they don't roll away, and rubber coated to reduce impact noise and protect your floor.

These dumbbells are a reliable option for anybody interested in fitness and strength training. The chrome plated handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable feel in any grip style, and the knurling has been designed to prevent slippage and help you maintain a firm grip.

They can also be used as a practical press-up support tool, reducing the strain on both your wrist and elbow joints.

Best for strength training

The best dumbbell sets for working out at home
  • Anti slip bar
  • Wear resistant and comfortable to touch
  • Durable plastic covering

The Bad

  • Heavy weights are shipped separately

The Bottom Line

An impressive set of dumbbells for anyone looking to build strength and make progress.

MultiWare Adjustable Dumbbell Set

These dumbbells can be converted into a barbell, meaning you can effectively train your whole body with one set.

The MultiWare Adjustable Dumbbell Set is fit for any home gym, whether you're just starting out with weights or not.

These dumbbells are covered with a durable floor friendly plastic covering, and have a non-slip bar and plastic grip that's wear resistant and comfortable to the touch.

These adjustable weights can also be easily converted into a barbell, meaning you can effectively train your whole body with one set. Why would you ever need to go to the gym again?

Best for versatility

The best dumbbell sets for working out at home
  • Can transform into barbell
  • Classic look
  • Removable silicone covers

The Bad

  • Pricey

The Bottom Line

Slightly more expensive than some other options on this list, but reviewers love the safety features and comfortable grip.

Sportstech 2-in-1 Dumbbell Set

This practical dumbbell set is the ideal partner for weight training in the comfort of your own home.

The Sportstech 2-in-1 Dumbbell Set can quickly transform from dumbbells to a barbell and vice versa, meaning it can adapt to your individual training plan.

These dumbbells are strong, robust, and designed with a classic look. The non-slip handles provide a firm grip and comfortable hold, and the discs can be securely fastened to the bar by means of star-caps. These prevent any loosening during your workout.

You also get removable silicone covers that protect the weight discs from scratches and also protect your floor from damage.

Best for beginners

The best dumbbell sets for working out at home
  • Soft touch
  • Handy storage case
  • Range of colours

The Bad

  • Not suitable for advanced users

The Bottom Line

These soft weights are great for beginners looking to tone and build muscle strength.

Mirafit Dumbbell Weight Set

Neoprene weights are suitable for a wide range of exercises.

The Mirafit Dumbbell Weight Set is great for total beginners, but anyone hoping to build tone and muscle strength could benefit from these neoprene weights.

It's not the set for the most advanced athletes, because they aren't particularly heavy. These weights are better for yoga, pilates, and aerobics, rather than serious weight training.

They are comfortable and easy to grip, and also come with a handy case for easy storage and transportation. A home gym can be a messy place, so storage is particularly useful.

Best for comfort

The best dumbbell sets for working out at home

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The Good

  • Anti-roll shape
  • Knurled bar
  • Hex-shaped

The Bad

  • Fixed weights that can't be adjusted

The Bottom Line

Rubber dumbbells are comfortable to hold and won't roll away, but you can't make weight adjustments.

Men's Health Rubber Dumbbell Set

Knurled bar provides a secure and comfortable grip for when you need it most.

The Men's Health Rubber Dumbbell Set can be used as part of a whole body workout. There's not much you can't do with a set of dumbbells.

The anti-roll shape of each dumbbell stops them from rolling away and the knurled bar gives you a secure grip for when you need it most.

The weights attached to the bars cannot be removed or added, which does mean you can't make adjustments between exercises. It's not the end of the world, but it's something to think about if you like to switch it up.

Best for toning

The best dumbbell sets for working out at home
  • 18 pieces • Cheap
  • Easy to add or remove weights
  • Rubber grip

The Bad

  • Could roll away

The Bottom Line

Great value weights that can be removed or stacked as you progress through your workout.

Opti Vinyl Dumbbell Set

Strengthen and tone your whole body with this cheap set of dumbbells.

The Opti Vinyl Dumbbell Set is one of the cheapest options on offer, but it still has loads of useful features.

The spinlock grips make it easy to add or remove weights as you progress, and the vinyl plates are matched with a rubber grip for a comfortable workout. The plates can be removed and easily stacked when you're done with your session.

You get 18 pieces in this weight set, which is great for making small adjustments as you progress towards your fitness goals.