The dumbest things that Burger King has ever done

The dumbest things that Burger King has ever done

Burger King was once regularly the second or third most popular fast food burger franchise in the United States, trailing just behind McDonald's. Staying in the number two spot is almost as difficult as being number one, though, and Burger King has been slipping for years.

The fast food giant has tried to keep up with the times by updating the layouts of their restaurants, adding double drive-thru lanes, and self-order kiosks, but it may be a little too late. For every step forward that Burger King has made, it seems to have also taken two steps back — and it's been this way for years.

When it comes to making dumb decisions and launching bad ideas, Burger King takes the cake Whopper. Advertisements that were done in bad taste, bogus new menu items, poorly calculated sales campaigns... you name it and Burger King has probably done it.

To be fair, a lot of fast food restaurants have made their fair share of stupid moves, but Burger King may just have them all beat.