The Easiest Way to Make Coffee Right Now Is With a Bag

The Easiest Way to Make Coffee Right Now Is With a Bag

While most of the country is on pause, the weather has kept on truckin’. Spring is here and soon, the warm weather and sunshine will arrive as a daily occurrence. That means cold brew season is upon us. The problem with that is you can’t really head out to your favorite coffee shop for a caffeine kick over ice. Making iced coffee at home is fairly easy, if you have the right equipment. But now, I’m telling you all you need is a bag and a pitcher.

Last year, my mom went to Home Goods and picked up three boxes of Starbucks cold brew bags. I graciously took them with me to my Brooklyn apartment, relegating them to the top shelf of a kitchen cabinet, until this week. Should I have been making my own coffee? Probably. But I like supporting my local small businesses and my office has pretty decent cold brew on tap. Now that both of those are an impossibility, I’ve turned to making my own. Normally, I’d go for the Takeya, but I thought I’d try out the bags, as it’s basically two steps: fill pitcher with cold water and put the bags in. I was pleasantly surprised that in 24 hours, I was met with flavorful coffee that drank smooth and bold.

When it comes to reusable options, a cold brew bag can be used to, yes brew coffee, but also help with straining nut milks or squeezing out water from potatoes. It has a handful of different kitchen applications, so you can utilize it even when it may not be iced coffee weather.

The best part of cold brew bags is that you can easily buy some from your favorite brands, but you can also buy reusable ones to use your own ground coffee too. They act like giant tea bags, steeping for hours in the fridge so you’re met with a perfect cup of coffee without doing practically anything. It’s an easy way to have a large amount of cold brew at any time, ready at a moment’s notice.

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