The Evidence that Turns Atheists Into Followers of Jesus Christ

The Evidence that Turns Atheists Into Followers of Jesus Christ
(Photo by Robert Nyman on Unsplash)

Although believers and evidence exist, there remains the question: is there a God? Cold case detective J. Warner Wallace has pursued the question, applying the same procedures he used to solve cold cases.

He started this investigation into God’s existence many years ago as an atheist. But even then, he had to accept something beyond the natural because he already believed the universe had a beginning before space and time.

The Beginning needs a Beginner

“It began from nothing. It didn’t exist prior to the Big Bang,” the author of Cold Case Christianity said of the universe. “That means you’re looking for a cause that is non-spatial, non-temporal and non-material because those things are not available until the Big Bang. So you’re already looking for something that’s extra-natural – if by nature you mean what we always mean, which is space, time, matter, physics, chemistry.”

Astronomer Hugh Ross, who heads up Reasons to Believe sees God in the universe’s birth.

“It has a beginning, which implies there must be a Beginner who was responsible for bringing the universe into existence,” the astrophysicist said.

And there’s such precise design.

Wallace stated, “We have fine-tuning in the universe that’s so finely-tuned that the smallest variation in the universal constants, you wouldn’t even have a universe in which we have life at all. Now, what are the odds of that happening on its own?”

All Life Could Stop on a Dime

And just how finely-tuned is it for life?

“If you were to add the weight of one dime to the universe or subtract the weight of one dime from the observable universe, that would be enough to upset the balance to make life not possible,” Ross said, adding, “How can we escape the conclusion there must be a mind with supernatural power that designed it just right so we could be here?”

Ross contends Earth needs to be just where it is on the arm of a spiral galaxy just like the Milky Way for life to exist here. Also that the unique feature of Earth’s moon being as large as it is compared to its planet’s size makes it able to control the tilt of the Earth’s axis and the length of its daily spin in just such a way to make the planet optimal for life.

Finally, Ross said the entire solar system is just perfectly balanced to achieve that end.

As he put it, “We’re not looking at just a highly fine-tuned Planet Earth. The entire solar system has been highly fine-tuned to make possible the existence of advanced life. Every one of the eight planets in our solar system plays a critical role.”