The head hotel chef, shared 42 cooking tips, bookmarked to learn slowly!

  1. When stir-frying, you should first heat the wok, then pour in the cooking oil, and then put the vegetables.
  2. Stir-fried vegetables how to keep bright green vegetables chlorophyll contains magnesium, this substance in cooking will be replaced by another substance of vegetables - organic acid (containing hydrogen ions) out, to produce a yellow-green substance. If you cover the pan tightly at first, the color will fade and turn yellow. If you sauté or boil it first, let this substance play out first by heat, and then cover the pan, you will not make the chlorophyll yellow by the action of acid.

The head hotel chef, shared 42 cooking tips, bookmarked to learn slowly!

3. If for the sake of beauty, you can add a little baking soda or lye when cooking, can make the color of vegetables more bright and transparent.

4、When frying eggplant, put some vinegar in the pan, the color of fried eggplant will not turn black

5, fried potatoes with vinegar, can avoid burning, and can break down the toxins in the potatoes, and make the color and taste appropriate

6, fried bean sprouts, first add some butter, and then salt, can remove the fishy taste of beans

7, fried spinach should not be covered. Heat oil pour spinach stir-fry, stir-fry until all brown, add the right amount of salt, add the right amount of MSG seasoning, stir-fry that is.

8, roasted eggplant does not absorb oil: before frying eggplant, sprinkle some dry flour on the eggplant pieces, so that the fried eggplant absorbs less oil, and the color is golden and nice.

9, before frying potatoes, put the cut potato slices in water and boil for a while, so that the surface of the potato skin to form a thin layer of gelatinous layer, and then deep-fried.

The head hotel chef, shared 42 cooking tips, bookmarked to learn slowly!

10、Cooking new bamboo shoots in boiling water is easy to cook, and crunchy and delicious; to make the shoots not shrink after cooking, you can add a few mint leaves or salt .

11、When roasting tofu, add a little tofu milk or juice, the flavor is aromatic .

12, peanuts fried in oil, served on a plate, sprinkle a little white wine while hot, slightly cooled and then sprinkled with a little salt, placed for several days and nights are as crisp as ever .

13、When cooking, put soy sauce if the wrong pour vinegar, you can sprinkle a little baking soda, vinegar flavor can be eliminated.

14, the dish is too spicy, put some vinegar can reduce the spicy taste, the dish is too bitter, drop a little white vinegar.

15、When the soup is too salty and not suitable for water, you can put a few pieces of tofu or potatoes or a few slices of tomatoes into the soup; you can also put a handful of rice or flour wrapped in a cloth into the soup.

16, the soup is too greasy, a small amount of nori roasted on the fire, and then sprinkled into the soup .

The head hotel chef, shared 42 cooking tips, bookmarked to learn slowly!

17, canola oil has an odor, you can heat the oil into the appropriate amount of ginger, garlic, onions, cloves, peel with the frying for a few moments, the oil can become fragrant .

18、Stir-fry vegetables on high heat and cook them on low heat. Vitamin C, B1 are afraid of heat, afraid to cook. It is measured: rapid fire stir-fried vegetables, vitamin C loss of only 17%; if fried and then cooked, the vitamin C in the dish will be lost 59%. So if it is stir-fried vegetables to use a high fire. If it is cooked, then use a low fire. Add a little vinegar to the dish before cooking to help preserve the vitamins.

19, stir-fry meat and vegetables when the salt is too early cooked slowly, it is appropriate to add salt when it will be cooked, and then add a few drops of vinegar before the pan, fresh and delicious.

20, make sliced pork or spicy diced pork, according to the ratio of 50 grams of meat 5 grams of starch sizing, the dish is tender and tasty

21, when stewing meat, add a few pieces of orange peel in the pot, can remove the odor and grease and increase the freshness of the soup

22、Add a small spoon of vinegar when cooking bone soup, it can make the phosphorus and calcium in the bone dissolve in the soup and can preserve the vitamins in the soup.

23, when cooking meat soup or pork ribs soup, put a few pieces of fresh orange peel, not only taste delicious, but also can reduce the greasy feeling.

24, when frying pork chops, cut 2-3 cuts in the place of tendons, fried pork chops will not shrink.

25, after the pork belly is cooked, cut into long pieces, put in a bowl with some fresh soup and then steam for a while, the pork belly will thicken double . When cooking pork belly, never put salt first, and then put salt when cooked and eaten, otherwise the pork belly will shrink as hard as beef tendons .

26, lamb to remove the stink: turnip block and lamb together in the pot, half an hour to remove the turnip block; put a few pieces of orange peel is better; per kilogram of lamb put 5 grams of mung beans, boil 10 minutes, pour out the water and mung beans together; put half a packet of hawthorn slices; two or three shelled walnuts washed and punched into it; 1 kg of lamb plus 10 grams of curry powder; 1 kg of lamb plus 200 grams of sugar cane cut open; 1 kg of water to boil, add 1 kg of lamb, vinegar 50 grams, boil and fish out, then add water and seasoning again.

27, cooking beef: in order to make beef stew fast, stew rotten, add a pinch of tea (about the amount of bubble a pot of tea, wrapped in gauze) with cooking, meat quickly rotten and tasty. When cooking beef and other tough, hard meat and game fowl, add some vinegar to soften it.

28, when braised beef, add a little sherry red, meat taste delicious.

The head hotel chef, shared 42 cooking tips, bookmarked to learn slowly!

29、Fried shredded beef: cut it, mix it with salt, sugar, wine and raw flour (or egg), add raw oil and pickle, fry it after 30 minutes, it is fresh and tasty.

30, fried sliced meat: meat cut into thin slices with soy sauce, butter, starch, beaten into an egg, mix well, stir-fried; wait for the meat to brown, then add spices slightly fried a few times, the meat tastes delicious, fresh and tender

31, stir-fry meat and vegetables when the salt is too early cooked slowly, it is appropriate to add salt when it will be cooked, and then add a few drops of vinegar before the pan, fresh and delicious

32、Before doing roast pork, use a little borax to marinate the meat, burn out the meat fat but not greasy, sweet and delicious

33, stewing old chicken: add 20-30 soybeans in the pot with the stew, cook fast and taste fresh; or before killing the old chicken, pour a tablespoon of vinegar to the chicken, then kill, cook and stew with a gentle fire, it will be cooked well; or put 3-4 hawthorn, the chicken is easy to rot, old chicken and duck cooked with a fierce fire, hard meat is not delicious; if first soaked with cool water and a little vinegar for 2 hours, then stewed with a light fire, the meat will become tender and delicious

34, roasted duck, the duck tail end on both sides of the bashful beans removed, the taste is more beautiful, stewed old duck: put a few field snails in the pot easy to rot

35, stewed chicken: wash and cut into pieces, pour into a hot frying pan and stir-fry, when the water is dry, pour in an appropriate amount of balsamic vinegar, and then quickly stir-fry, until the chicken pieces issued a splintering popping sound, immediately heated water (not over the chicken pieces), and then boil for ten minutes on high heat, you can add seasonings, move to low heat and stew for 20 minutes, drizzle with sesame oil can be removed from the pot; should be stewed in the soup, the temperature drops to 80-90 degrees Celsius or add salt before serving. Because the chicken contains high moisture, stewed chicken first add salt, chicken in brine, water penetration in the tissue cells outward, protein coagulation, so that the chicken shrinks significantly tighten, affecting the nutrients to the soup dissolved, and cooked chicken tends to hard, old, rough taste.

The head hotel chef, shared 42 cooking tips, bookmarked to learn slowly!

36, scrambled eggs with a small amount of sugar, will make the protein denaturation of the solidification temperature rise, thus delaying the heating time, plus sugar has water retention, thus making the egg products become fluffy and soft, scrambled eggs with a few drops of vinegar, scrambled eggs fluffy and flavorful

37, steamed fish with boiling water, steamed fish when the first pot of water boiling, then steamed fish, do not use cold water steaming. Because the fish in the sudden encounter with high temperature, the external tissue coagulation, can lock the internal fresh juice. Before steaming, it is best to sprinkle some chicken oil or lard on the fish to make it more tender. You can also seal the plastic wrap to prevent the freshness of the fish from escaping or dripping on the steamer water to dilute the flavor of the fish.

38, remove the fishy evening put ginger. Some people like to grill fish with ginger and fish together in the pot, think this can remove the fishy fish. In fact, it is not, too early to put ginger will make the fish body leaching protein hinder the ginger deodorant effect.

You can first boil the fish in the pot for a while, to solidify the protein before putting ginger; you can also cook a small amount of vinegar and cooking wine in the explosive pot, to play a role in removing fishy and unctuous aroma. If you still feel the fishy smell, sprinkle some minced garlic on the pan before serving, it works very well, especially for cooking fish that has been frozen for a long time.

39、Frying fish anti-stick pan. You can put oil in the hot pan and then sprinkle some salt, or use ginger to wipe the pan once after the net pan. You can also heat the pot a little hotter, oil temperature a little higher, and then put the fish, the fish encounter high oil temperature skin will immediately harden, will not stick to the pan, and then switch to low heat to fry fish through.

40、Braised fish to prevent minced meat. Before doing braised fish, first in the pan to fry or fry the fish through, the amount of oil to be large, the oil temperature should be high. Roast fish should not be too much soup, generally to the extent that the water is not over the fish. Do not turn the fish, the firing process, with a spoon will be constantly pouring soup on the fish, so that even if the fish is tasty, but also to maintain the original shape of the fish.

41, fried sweet and sour fish, sweet and sour vegetables, etc., should first put sugar, then salt, otherwise the "dehydration" effect of salt will promote the solidification of protein in the dish and "eat" not into the sugar, resulting in sweet outside light

42、Fry fish without breaking the skin: clean the fish, dry both sides with paper towels, pat on a little dry starch, wait for the oil to heat up and then add the fish, don't shake it first, wait for one side to be completely fried before turning it over. The fish fried in this way has a very intact skin.

The head hotel chef, shared 42 cooking tips, bookmarked to learn slowly!