The Ministry of Culture and Tourism reminds tourists to pay attention to travel safety and travel healthily and safely

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism reminds tourists to pay attention to travel safety and travel healthily and safely

CCTV news: according to the "Ministry of Culture and Tourism" WeChat public news, recently, the domestic epidemic in many places, the current summer, the flood season, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism reminded the majority of tourists, to pay close attention to travel safety, health and safe travel.

I. Rationalize the itinerary. Learn about the latest epidemic prevention and control policies in the departure and destination areas through authoritative channels, consciously comply with the announcements and warnings issued by the local government and relevant departments, learn in advance about the opening of scenic spots, restrictions on flow and ticket reservation measures, and refrain from traveling to medium- and high-risk areas in China. If you have symptoms such as cold or fever, you should stop visiting and seek medical attention in time.

Second, strengthen personal protection. Consciously comply with the rules of epidemic prevention and control, wear masks, wash hands regularly, gather less, ventilate more often, and develop the good habit of "one meter line". When taking transportation or visiting the park, keep a distance between yourself and other visitors, and avoid bunching by spacing out tables and chairs when dining. When coughing or sneezing, use your elbow or tissue to cover up and do not spit.

Third, pay attention to travel safety. Do not carry prohibited dangerous goods by public transport, know in advance the use of safety hammer, fire extinguisher and escape door and window location, master the correct method of emergency escape, fasten the seat belt while driving. Self-driving tour to do a good job to check the condition of the car, do not take a breakdown on the road, to stop fatigue and drunk driving, driving well fastened seat belt, do safe driving, civilized driving.

Fourth, concern about flood safety. Pay attention to the weather conditions at your destination and along the way in a timely manner, especially the information on catastrophic weather warnings, and adjust your itinerary according to the weather conditions. In mountainous areas, river valleys and other areas to guard against landslides, rock falls, mudslides, flash floods and other safety risks. Listen to the tips and arrangements of the local government and relevant departments, and take refuge in emergencies in a timely manner.

V. Pay attention to the safety of the tour. According to personal age, health, psychological and other conditions, and under the guidance of professionals, cautiously participate in high-altitude, high-speed, adventure and other high-risk projects, and do not swim in unsecured waters. Observe the safety reminders from local government and relevant departments and scenic spots. Do not go to areas that are not officially developed and opened to receive tourists, lack of safety and security, fragile ecological environment and private "attractions" that operate illegally to avoid safety accidents and unnecessary disputes.