The most beautiful scenery

A pot of wine among flowers

The Argentine poet Borges once said, "Heaven should look like a library. And I would like to say that heaven should also be like a bookstore. Wherever you go, you should visit a local bookstore, whether you buy a book or not, to feel the mood and atmosphere there, because they are the local cultural landscape. There are millions of scenery in the world, but I love the scenery of bookstores.

Different cities have different landscapes, but they all share the same kind of scenery - bookstores. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city, bookstores always exist as an independent landscape with a distinctive flavor. The scenery of bookstores, which are sometimes elegant, sometimes beautiful, sometimes exquisite, are waiting there quietly, waiting for someone to discover them.

The Shakespeare Bookshop near Notre Dame in Paris, the Strand Bookshop on the corner of 12th Street and Broadway in New York, the Marx and Cohen Bookshop at 84 Charing Cross in London, the used bookstores on Kanda Old Bookshop Street in Kanpo-cho, Tokyo, the All Saints Bookstore and One Way Street Bookshop in Beijing, the Monsoon Bookshop in Shanghai, the Pioneer Bookshop in Nanjing, the Maplewood Evening Bookshop in Hangzhou, the Xueyu Bookshop in Guangzhou, the Tiandi Bookshop in Hong Kong, and the Sincere Bookshop in Taiwan. ...... These distinctive bookstores are like a bright pearl that shines on book lovers all over the world.

The most beautiful scenery

Bookstores are the cultural landmarks of the city, the habitat of people's souls. Wandering in a bookstore, holding a book in your hand, is like communicating with a wise person. Being in a bookstore makes your mood quiet, makes you forget your worries, and makes your soul no longer lonely. A bookstore, for a city, is not just a place to buy and sell books, it is a reflection of the city's cultural style, and even cultural height. For the reader, a bookstore, not only allows the reader to buy satisfactory books to meet his need for knowledge, but also allows the reader to have a kind of spiritual trust, so that the reader's mind into the atmosphere of the bookstore, in the melting of books, to meet, to enjoy.

There are fewer bookstores and fewer people going to bookstores in today's society. A good number of people like to go to restaurants, bars, teahouses, concert halls and other places of leisure and entertainment, and rarely go to the bookstore. From the national national reading survey project organized and implemented by the China Press and Publication Research Institute, in 2020, the per capita paper book reading of adult nationals in China will be only 4.70 books. The rise of online bookstores and e-readers has had a huge impact on traditional bookstores, and now independent bookstores in China are facing a serious business crisis.

The Soviet writer Brodsky once said, "A nation that does not read is a nation without hope." Similarly a person who does not read is also a person without hope and future. Zhu Yongxin, a famous education expert, pointed out, "If we compare spiritual growth with physical growth, physical growth is more influenced by heredity and genes, while individual spiritual growth is not entirely dependent on genes and heredity, but is closely related to reading later in life. The spiritual development of an individual is a microcosm of the spiritual development of the entire human race. In the process of spiritual growth, each individual repeats the process experienced by his or her ancestors. This repetition is achieved through reading."

Balzac once said: "I'm not at home, I'm at the café. If I'm not at the café, I'm on my way to the café." And I would like to say, "If I'm not at home, I'm at the bookstore. If I'm not at the bookstore, I'm on my way to the bookstore."

May there be more bookstores in the city, and may there be more people in the bookstores. The bookstore landscape is the most beautiful landscape, may everyone fall in love with this landscape!