The most complete Huawei cell phone hidden features!

1、When WeChat hover small window mode, tap the album and long press the picture, you can drag the picture directly to the dialog box and send the picture quickly.

2、You can drag the pictures and files you want to send into the transit station and send them to each other (long press on the picture or file will bring up the transit station)

The most complete Huawei cell phone hidden features!

3, open the camera, tap the upper left corner of the photo page [Smart Vision], you can realize the knowledge of things, knowledge of text, translation, recognition of food calories, one key to restore test papers, scanning ID photos, etc.

4、Single knuckle double-click on the screen to take a screenshot; single knuckle draw s on the screen to take a long picture: single knuckle draw any closed shape pattern on the screen to take a screenshot of the pattern screen part (such as drawing a pentagram to take a screenshot of the pentagram): double knuckle double-click on the screen to record the screen.

5、When the application is full screen, slide from the bottom of the screen up to the top left to enter the split screen mode, slide to the top right to enter the hover small window mode. Split screen + hover window, you can operate three applications at the same time to achieve more efficient work.

6、Dual system! Open the privacy space, instantly have two phones, do not want to public content can be placed in the privacy space (path: Settings-Privacy-Privacy space), using a second set of passwords and fingerprints different from the master password can directly enter the privacy space.

The most complete Huawei cell phone hidden features!

7. In Settings-Privacy-Picture privacy protection, after turning on the [Remove picture location information and shooting data] switch, third-party applications will not be able to get picture information (including shooting location, time, device, etc.)

8. In Settings-Privacy, you can view the number of times major apps have accessed your phone's location information, camera, microphone, contacts, and file manager.

9、If you don't operate the phone for a long time when reading a novel, you can go to Settings > Auxiliary Functions > Wisdom Perception and turn on [Look at the screen without turning off the screen], the phone will not turn off the screen when it detects a face

10、When face recognition mode, only the owner can view the various message notifications when locking the screen, others cannot. And when the number of spectators is more than 1 person, also can not view the message

11、Hover bright screen! When the phone is off, hover your hand at 20-40cm from the screen, it can automatically light up the screen

12, open Huawei Share, you can directly share the phone under the good games, applications, photos, files, etc. directly to the computer or tablet

The most complete Huawei cell phone hidden features!

13、Double finger long press the picture or screen page, you can automatically extract the text and copy, translate, etc., you can also directly identify the goods in the picture.

14、Open the [Dual View Video] in the camera, you can call the front and rear cameras at the same time to record the picture in front and behind the phone.

15, open the camera in the [multi-camera], you can call around the phone, tablet video at the same time, recording different angles and screen content

16, can not find the phone, shout: small art small art where you are, it will answer you, and through the vibration + ringing + flash to strongly tell you its location

The most complete Huawei cell phone hidden features!

17, shouted to the small art: phone clean dust. It will automatically clean the dust of the headphone hole and charging port

18、When watching American and Korean dramas without subtitles, open AI subtitles, which can be translated into Chinese simultaneously

19、Press the lock screen button five times to call the police (call through 110)

20, long press WeChat or Alipay can receive payment or sweep code

21. Press and hold the up and down volume keys at the same time to open the screen read aloud mode

22, Huawei Health can monitor sleep, whether snoring and sleep-talking, but also free to listen to white noise

The most complete Huawei cell phone hidden features!

23. You can share the connected WiFi to other devices through personal hotspot or Bluetooth sharing, and it will not consume your own traffic as follows: a. Personal hotspot: Settings-Mobile network-Personal hotspot b. Bluetooth sharing: Settings-Mobile network-Personal hotspot-More sharing settings-Bluetooth shared network

24、Calendar can set the countdown days as well as the schedule, the student party must

25, Huawei mirror can detect the state of the skin, AI skin measurement effect is also very accurate Oh

26, reverse charging, second-chargeable, can charge the old dead iPhone

27、Screenshot of WeChat or QQ chat, you can automatically code the avatar, name and group name when taking screenshots to avoid privacy leakage

The most complete Huawei cell phone hidden features!

28, smart sense of payment yyds! main desktop to the code box or scanner, the distance of about 15cm, do not click on the application can also quickly call out the payment code payment

Setting path:Settings>Auxiliary functions>Smart Sense>Smart Payment

29、NFC function can directly sweep the bus code, sweep the access card

30, can brush video overhead, screenshot overhead, slide the screen overhead, play or pause music overhead, answer the phone and play out overhead

Path:Settings - Accessibility - Smart Sense - Swipe screen/screenshot/press

The most complete Huawei cell phone hidden features!

31、Slide the screen from the bottom to the top when locking the screen, you can directly open the recording, flashlight, calculator, clock, wisdom to know the screen

32、Album picture editing has an automatic elimination function, which can eliminate the extra people or objects in the picture

33、When listening to songs with Bluetooth headset, click the circle on the upper right corner of the player in the status bar, you can share the song to another Bluetooth headset

34、The gallery can directly spell the long picture, the picture can directly generate PDF files or print files