The Most Handsome Prisoner Leaves Prison To Start Career As A Model! You Wont Believe Where!

Two years ago he was arrested for illegal possession of weapons and belonging to an armed gang, now he is one of the most sought-after models

This is Jeremy Meeks, better known as "the most handsome prisoner in the world." Two years ago, he was arrested for illegal possession of weapons and belonging to an armed gang, but his life changed forever when the Police Department of Stockton (California) published his police file on Facebook. Her attractive face went around the world and, in just one month, she received dozens of offers from model agencies that wanted to have her in their ranks.

As confirmed by BuzzFeed, his representative, White Cross Managing Director Jim Jordan, Meeks left the Mendota Federal Correctional Institution earlier this month and is already preparing his assault on the catwalks. "We are putting everything in its place," Jordan explained. "We are in talks with a lot of agencies. There are movies on the table. A lot of things are happening. "

Few remember since Meeks faced 11 criminal charges, which in 2002 was imprisoned for robbery and assault on a minor, who in 2007 went to jail due to identity theft, and belongs to one of the most dangerous gangs in California, the Crips. For the beautiful people, reintegration is possible.

Purpose of amendment

Now that Meeks has settled his accounts with justice, he says he is willing to start a new life. "I'm in a position where I can support my family and really change my life," the ex-cons told ABC News last February, when he was still in prison. "I never thought that everyone would recognize me because of my appearance, so I feel blessed and very grateful."

During the two years he has spent behind bars, Meeks was very clear about the future that awaited him, and has given himself to his new role as a model in body and soul. "I eat healthy. I do a lot of push-ups, dominated, 'burpees' ... I'm very active. "

Although what happened with "the most handsome prisoner in the world" should make us consider to what extent we are unfair in the treatment we give to different people just because of their appearance, at least Meeks will have the opportunity to reintegrate society, and more the American, denies many of her convicts. Now he will have to prove if the love that the world has professed has served, at least, so that he stops committing crimes.