The Perfect Last Minute Halloween Costumes

The Perfect Last Minute Halloween Costumes

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No Halloween costume yet? No problem! We know the festive favorite is coming up fast and you might be left scrambling for just one more costume for another party (or maybe you just forgot about the holiday all together!) Either way, we’ve got you covered with these super easy, budget friendly looks that are still guaranteed to be appreciated.

We sat down with makeup artist Katrina D’Onofrio to get her favorite looks that can be made memorable with just the right makeup.

“This year, it’s all about movie themes and some of our fun memorable movie characters we all loved!” she revealed.  “Here are some FUN and EASY looks for Halloween in which you can incorporate your own clothing in your closet or something you can always buy and wear again!”

The Perfect Last Minute Halloween Costumes
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Pair a hot pink tight spaghetti strap dress with a blonde wig, a fuchsia boa, lucite sandals, hot pink shades and a stuffed dog (preferably a chihuahua). Makeup should be sparkly on the lid, pink cheeks and bright pink lipstick.

Cher Horowitz describing ‘high school boys’Clueless, 1995

Grab your old Catholic school uniform, a white button down shirt and tie it above your belly button. Add a pair of white knee high/thigh high socks, and a pair of patent leather Mary Jane shoes with a strap, a dirty blonde wig (no bangs)— and someone’s hot convertible Mercedes would be a plus! Makeup should be soft browns on the lid, clean soft full brows, and almost natural lips.

The Perfect Last Minute Halloween Costumes
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Mario Dedivonvic, Kim Kardashian’s long time makeup artist, makes this the perfect quick and easy couples costume.

For Kim’s look: a long black wig, a full body spaghetti strap one piece bodysuit in nude or black with lucite sandals, and a costume 10 carat engagement ring! Makeup look: dramatic smokey brown eyes, wing eyeliner, lots of mascara, heavy contour and a nude lip.

Mario Dedivanovic: find yourself a hot tall Albanian man, and throw him in a black T-shirt and grey jeans. Add a black hoodie or jacket with a pair of white sneakers, and have him hold a makeup brush!

Be sure to take lots of selfies together to complete the look!