The Secret Behind The 256 Years Old Man

In the late 1800’s, the average life expectancy for an American was 35-40 years. Today that number has nearly doubled, the average lifespan is now about 80 years. You even hear in the news about people who live to be 100 years or more!

When a person reaches their 100th birthday, they are always asked what their secret was – what did you do to live to be 100? In 1930, The New York Times published an article that claimed Li Ching Yuen lived to be 256 years old!

The report was based on some documents found by professor Wu-Chung Chieh of Chengdu University. He found some papers that congratulated Li on his 150th and 200th birthdays. Li turned 200 in 1877.

When Li was ten-year-old, he was already an accomplished herbalist. His diet was mostly goji, berries, wild ginseng, herbs, he shoo wu, gotu kola, and rice wine.

In 1749, Li was 71 and joined was a martial arts instructor for the Chinese army. Li lived life to the fullest during his 256 years, he was married 23 times and is said to be the father of over 200 children!

One of Li’s disciples said that Li met a man that was 500-years old! This man taught Li Qigong exercises, these exercises focus on breathing, meditation, and coordinated movements.

Li also learned about a unique herb-rich diet that could help people live long (really long) lives.