The Starfire Seal - Sinking 66

The Starfire Seal - Sinking 66

in life

There is always a maple leaf red for you

In the deep vault of the sky

There will also be a shooting star shining for you

(Wishing to share the sun and moon with the White Mountains1)

October 15

At 5:30 in the morning, located in the east. At dawn, everyone was up. Pull out the tent and collect the equipment

Zero Yuan gave Chen Xiaoning the medicine to eat, Chen Xiaoning's face has been thinning significantly. It can be seen that the oil has been exhausted

Ten minutes later, the head of the donkey walked while letting everyone eat dry food "steamed bread mountain northeast is Huangling. We can not take a straight line, straight line is some valley gentle terrain, for us too exposed

Enter the edge of the Yellow Ridge. Over the pass. And then cross the second river down the Tianchi into the old yellow pine, this is our main daytime route of travel

If all goes well it will be camped in Old Yellow Pine and the northeastern part of the White Mountains"

No one has a problem with it, and it used to be the head of the donkey who arranged the route. This is still the rule

Started over the Yellow Ridge Pass at 9am. He Cheng at the edge of the pass with large binoculars watching the river down the Tianchi, and alerted the direction of the military patrol area in the north

This is a curve, and the normal tourist straight line to go a lot more

Wang Xiaofei. He Cheng in front of the road, Zhou He. Liu Min in the back is responsible for breaking cover and observation and vigilance, to prevent some wild animals from the back to follow

After crossing the pass, follow the southwest edge of Erlong Mountain to Old Yellow Pine

Chen Xiaoning's physical strength is still able to keep up. Zero Yuan and Ah Miao gave her maximum weight relief. The big bag was given to Donkey Head. The small bag was carried by Zergyuan. A Miao and Zuoyuan were protecting Chen Xiaoning

To keep up with the forward speed. Chen Xiaoning took another pill at noon, this drug will be overdrawn potential once per meal, now less than half a day will need to take the drug again

Zerohara also understands. When Chen Xiaoning reached the final stage, Zhou He took over Ah Miao's big backpack. Let Ah Miao help Chen Xiaoning forward

At 4:00 p.m. we arrived at the northeast location of the old yellow pine. Sitting in the forward rest

Donkey head out of the map "three hours ahead of the journey is the White Mountains, if we follow the map we can only go to the White Mountain Pass. Now the situation is certainly not possible to let us go up the mountain

This white mountain is a pass, our goal is to go around from the side to insert the position above the white mountain pass"

He Cheng" I used binoculars to see, from here to go up through the forest of the mountains. And especially physically demanding

Liu Min you and zero original break back. Zhou He to the front and Wang Xiaofei together to open the way, I and donkey head A Miao with Xiaoning go. We are the best system, have the stamina to take Xiaoning up"

Donkey head" no comments and let's go. Everyone has to show the end of their lives, now every road is uphill. If we reach the top, we win."

We started to move forward, climbing up the mountain along the gully. Some places were full of water. Hard to step on the water and go forward

After dark, we continued walking for two hours. Camping again

The men on duty this time will all be carrying Brownings. This is the donkey's head with a muffler. It will be given to whoever is on duty

Zuoyuan is still the first on duty. Chen Xiaoning was lying in his arms by the tent. Zero Yuan could also see that she was holding on. As the climbing time lengthened her strength could not keep up with the donkey head. He Cheng. Ah Miao took turns to carry the climb up

October 16

Just as the sun was shining, the head of the donkey called everyone up. Eat dry food, roast fire and pack up

Donkey Head" The weather is getting colder. We have to cut into the road up the mountain today. No need to mobilize, we are all brothers together. Fight once"

Everyone put their hands together and shake them

Chen Xiaoning will be put down where the slope is gentle. Both sides of the support to go forward, too difficult to walk places will pull her forward. The speed is still fast enough, Chen Xiaoning also take medicine every four hours. To stimulate the last potential

Wang Xiaofei through the large binoculars to see a few hundred meters away from the mountain road someone down the mountain, is the inspection staff

Donkey Head went over and looked through the binoculars as well. He looked up the road again with a serious face. The situation is not very optimistic

Back to the group meeting "The trees get thinner as we go up. We still have a long way to go before the sprint, so we need to keep our strength up. We can't reach the edge of the forest during the day. We have to get our time back at night."

He Cheng "Now look. We'd better add another day to it."

Donkey head" depends on the situation. No we rest now and go up the road at night. Rest and hide during the day"

He Cheng "It's okay. Now rest"

Camping and rest. This time are into the tent to sleep, Chen Xiaoning can not sleep, pulling zero original out of the tent

Chen Xiaoning "Little Zero. I'll be buried in this Changbai Mountain, I can't hold on"

Zerohara "You are my daughter-in-law, and we will be buried together in the future."

Chen Xiaoning" is to follow the fate of the future. How many years from now, we do not talk about it now, this is my last wish. Promise me, okay?" Said hugged zero original

Zerohara" I promise you that you will live as long as possible. Even one more second in this world. It is precious to me."

Chen Xiaoning "Husband. This is my last time, let me arrange my home as I wish. I've arranged everything else. You take Ah Miao and Ah Yue and carry my flag, whoever makes me lose my reputation. There are ways to fight back."

Zerohara "I'll go with you."

Chen Xiaoning's body trembled in shock "husband. This absolutely can not, I know your love road is difficult, but you also have to go on. Never ruin your future because of me."

Chen Xiaoning is aware of Zero Plain. She will have the appropriate arrangements

Darkness comes down and the whole camp is dialed. Cut over to the tourist route. In the middle there is a twenty meters deep earth end, with two ropes down the donkey's head last down. Take off the rope buckle and put it away

Wang Xiaofei in front with Browning open road. Zero Yuan Liu Min in the back of the guard, especially Liu Min constantly use infrared binoculars to look around. The whole team climbed up the mountain with full force

At eleven o'clock in the evening, the surrounding mountains were gradually no more. Dwarf plants shrubs more up. Looking at the hills. Dark and dusky

Donkey head "Another hour to go, now camping or not. There is no suitable place"

He Cheng "Donkey head. Can you finish the sprint tomorrow morning?"

Donkey Head "Ning. How's your stamina?"

Chen Xiaoning "About how far away is it?"

Donkey head for night ranging. "We should be up there by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow."

Chen Xiaoning "That's it then. Let's camp, I see that place is good"


(Wishing to share the sun and moon with the White Mountains2)

Camping. This time with some rocks in the surrounding area for concealment of the overlay, donkey head looked at the camping terrain. Just look at the location next to take out the compass positioning. The next donkey head. He Cheng. A Miao began to take the engineer pick to dig the soil

Tent set up. Chen Xiaoning held Zero Yuan resting, she is not in a good condition. Her face was pale. Fingers cold, eyes a little dull

Zero original "Ning sister. Hang in there, tomorrow you can go to the top of the mountain to see the sunrise. We will go together to see the sunrise"

Chen Xiaoning "Little Zero. Take out that red medicine bottle, only the red one"

Take out the red medicine bottle from the backpack. Pour out ten pills with water for her to eat, half an hour later Chen Xiaoning fell asleep. Hands still holding the zero original not to let go

Saw Zhou He come in. Zuohara "Brother Zhou. Donkey head what are they doing?"

Zhouhe" to check the terrain yet. Also in the study of tomorrow's departure distance and time, let you first take Xiaoning rest. Tomorrow at five o'clock sprint"

Zhou He poured a little warm water for Zero Hara. Let the zero original drink. Zero Hara fell asleep in a short time.

October 17

Just after four o'clock. Zero Yuan was woken up, Chen Xiaoning did not wake up. Stretcher tied out with sapper shovel and climbing pole. Ready to carry Chen Xiaoning up the mountain, the camp tent was put away.

The road up the mountain is very steep, the front of the people carrying. The back of the people carrying, seven people took turns to climb up. Almost all of the equipment was left at the camp. The speed of the light load upward is very fast

The bright light of the sky appeared. Shine on everyone's face, even if full of sweat to the top

Tianchi. Behind is the sea of clouds tumbling, these people on top of the sea of clouds for Chen Xiaoning's wish desperately climb up

Arrived at the top of the mountain at 7:11

Chen Xiaoning woke up near the top of the mountain. Her face was pale and she saw the sunlight at the top of the mountain. And the lake inside the mountain pass "Little Zero. Give me the black bottle with a brown pill inside. Only this one."

Take this one pill, after a few minutes Chen Xiaoning stood up. Look at the sun. Mountains. Sea of clouds. And the blue lake

Chen Xiaoning was so excited that Donkey Head took out a camera to take pictures of her. Start the time lapse shooting, everyone is taking pictures together

More than 20 minutes. Chen Xiaoning's mental state declined, holding zero original some strain "small zero. I have to leave, you take care. I pray for you in the other world, follow my arrangement"

Zero Hara hugged her and nodded. Chen Xiaoning's body heaved down, and Zero Yuan sat on the top of the mountain and hugged Chen Xiaoning

Chen Xiaoning's hand holds Zero Hara. Eyes full of laughter "Little zero. I am very happy to have you, I wish to share the sun and moon with the White Mountains. I can leave with peace of mind. Here is good" the light in the eyes gradually lost, clutching the hand lost strength

Zero Plain covered her eyes. Chen Xiaoning who closed her eyes like she was asleep, the parting of the two people at the top of the sky pool

October 17, 2003 at 7:52 pm . Zero Yuan's wife Chen Xiaoning passed away at the summit of Tianchi in Changbai Mountain due to illness

Two hours later returned to the camp. Zero Hara realized that last night Donkey Head was digging the cemetery, Donkey Head used the compass to determine the direction again

Zero Hara changed Chen Xiaoning's clothes. Is her favorite purple casual clothing, Ah Miao took out a few accessories. Jade medal. Metal plaques on her body

Finally Chen Xiaoning was put into a sealed soft metal bag. Outside was a sleeping bag. Everyone brought up a small backpack with mercury in it. Donkey head He Cheng poured the mercury into the sleeping bag

Donkey head to zero original explanation "small zero. This is Ning's own decision, mercury can keep wild animals away from Ning"

Zerohara "I know"

Wang Xiaofei's backpack is nearby, zero original watched them fill the soil. Just kneel on the ground and burn paper

While these people fill in the dirt . Zero Hara went to his backpack and pulled out his Browning, and the movement of pulling the gun was heard by Donkey Head. Just as Zero pointed his gun at his neck and was about to fire

A rock hits the Browning in Zero Hara's hand. The gun was knocked to the side and Zerohara tried to get it. Donkey head held down

Donkey head" small zero son. You have this heart Ning sister is satisfied. You do so Ning sister can go peace of mind?"

Zerohara did not say anything. Looked into the grave "I accompany her is not better?"

Donkey head" Ah Miao. You keep an eye on him. Let's hurry. If people come up later, it will be difficult to do"

Ten minutes. The ground was filled in, vegetation and rocks were carefully restored, and no abnormalities were found from a distance. Donkey Head used the compass to locate the area again

Several people gathered in front of Zero Hara

He Cheng "small zero. Brother is also experienced a lot of things, the back of the small Ning can only rely on you to maintain. If you go with her . The back of the matter who can not handle, a woman's reputation is the most important, you can understand?"

Zero original nod, these people put together a little equipment . Ah Miao donkey head on both sides to watch the escort zero original down the road. Zerogen kept looking behind. Until the place disappeared in the sea of clouds

The following two inspectors came up. Seven people immediately ducked to the side, by the way, will also rest

Rest for an hour and then go ahead, all of them are very strict care of the zero original. Afraid of his problems.

After entering the forest, the extra equipment was buried. The way down is always better than the way up. The pace is fast.

Flanked by a cliff, Zero Hara looked after . Donkey head immediately walk over there on guard, now zero original does not speak the emotion who are afraid

Three Browning was put away, Wang Xiaofei after fear. Gave the Browning to the donkey head. Really if the zero original self-death. Sister Ning has to let him have nightmares every day

At night, Zero Hara is also on duty. Only the first post was assigned, the head of the donkey is not worried. Also watch Zero Hara

Zerohara "Donkey Head. Don't worry, I won't do anything for Sister Ning. I will live."

Donkey Head "It's good that you can think outside the box, now we are near the military control area. It's dangerous, let's get out of here first"

Zerohara "I know, I know the rules of the team. Don't worry."

Take out a small bottle of wine and have a sip. The head of the donkey was on the second shift, when the head of the donkey got up and went to the door to change the guard. Zero Hara pressed down with his hand, there is a situation

Donkey Head immediately took out the Browning with the silencer screwed on. Zerohara took out his spear and looked outside.

A two-meter-tall blind bear stood five or six meters away from the tent. Zero Hara stretched out his thumb horizontally. Donkey head body leaned over with Browning. Snap. Snap. Snap. Pop. The sound of the silencer woke everyone up and they all got up and got ready to fight.

The blind bear outside was killed. Nothing can withstand the continuous close range shooting of this pistol

Donkey head "immediately dig a pit to bury the bear blind. All prepare to march out at night, He Cheng guard the perimeter"

The situation is immediately tense