The top 5 luxury smartwatches to invest in

The top 5 luxury smartwatches to invest in

The history of watches, or more eloquently known as portable timepieces, extends as far back as the 16th century with the first wearable clocks appearing in Germany as ornamental timepieces worn as pendants either fastened to clothing or to a chain around the neck.

Since then, we have witnessed the concept of the watch greatly evolve from these original pendants, to the flat pocketwatches of the 17th century, to the wristwatch style that we have come to know today. Greater still, the past forty years have introduced us to the revolutionary smartwatch, where high-tech computer software has become wearable in the form of a traditional wristwatch.

With so much available to you in a luxury smartwatch, from WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, mobile operating systems, digital cameras, media playing functions, GPS receivers, personal organisers, heart rate monitors and an endless number of additional operations, plus then hundreds of different shapes, styles and colours, making a decision can be hard.

Lucky for you, produces comprehensive smartwatch buying guides and reviews to help you in the decision making process, and we also have our top five favourites for you as well.

Huawei Watch 2

The top 5 luxury smartwatches to invest in

Available in Sports and Classic styles, the Huawei Watch 2 is the perfect companion for your everyday and workout life. With a beautifully crafted ceramic bezel that is six times harder than stainless steel, lightweight and highly resistant to abrasion, these watches are water and dust resistant and have a long-life battery of more than two days.

Both styles feature cutting-edge technology with 4G connectivity, GPS tracking, an integrated antenna for WiFi and Bluetooth, heart rate monitoring and fitness data, plus access to a variety of apps, among other features.

The Classic is compatible with nine different 22mm straps that can be easily swapped, while the Sports is integrated with ideal ergonomics to provide comfort and stability during exercise, and with seven selectable watch faces you can adapt your smartwatch perfectly to fit your current needs and mood.

Samsung Gear S3

The top 5 luxury smartwatches to invest in

Another luxury smartwatch for men catering to all your desires with the sleek Classic style for your formal days, and the rugged Frontier style for your adventurous days. The aesthetic of either style is still incredibly versatile with a range of straps in different colours, patterns and materials, as well as compatibility with any standard 22mm strap, and 15 preloaded watches faces for you to choose from plus more available to purchase and the option to design your own.

Bluetooth connectivity, voice recognition and interaction, and GPS tracking are all features in both styles as well as activity data including an altimeter, barometer and speedometer, and the S Health app providing detailed information and reports on your workouts. The Gear App Store can also be accessed to download over 10,000 different apps directly to your watch providing you with anything extra you might need.

Michael Kors Access

The top 5 luxury smartwatches to invest in

The Michael Kors Access collection features four different smartwatch styles for women: The MKGO, the Lexington, the Bradshaw and the Sofie. Each style can be further customised through adaptable watch faces and straps to suit your desired look.

The Access collection watches are powered by Wear OS Google and are compatible with both Android and iOS softwares. With Bluetooth-enabled calling, heart rate and activity monitoring, speaker functionality, smartphone pairing, Spotify music, GPS tracking, swimproof water resistance and a multi-day battery these luxury smartwatches are ready to handle any woman’s needs.

Apple Watch Series 5

The top 5 luxury smartwatches to invest in

Quite literally an iPhone on your wrist, the Apple Watch Series 5 is the perfect luxury smartwatch for all the iOS loving people out there with downloadable apps and cellular connectivity so you can leave your phone at home.

Complete with all the elements you are used to on your iPhone including Apple Pay, Siri and the App Store, the Apple Watch also includes features for monitoring your health and fitness levels with apps that track heart rhythm and heart rate, built in workouts, advanced metrics and activity rings that track your progress and encourage you to exercise every day making it the perfect workout partner.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

The top 5 luxury smartwatches to invest in

A Samsung smartwatch, made for both men and women, showcasing a contemporary design that combines comfort and elegance to bring you an incredibly versatile luxury smartwatch.

The smartphone connectivity allows you to take calls and receive messages and notifications using the same number and plan as your phone. Your health can be prioritised with breathing exercises to reduce stress and a sleep tracking app to help you assess and improve your sleep quality. When working out, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 uses multiple sensors to analyse real-time data and provide you with relevant workout advice.

And when it comes to personalising this accessory, multicoloured straps and varying watch faces are available for you to select, as well as an additional feature for those with an Android phone in which you can take a picture of your outfit and the Watch Active2 will create a watch face to match.

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