These Are Morocco’s Must-Visit Waves For Every Traveling Surfer

These Are Morocco’s Must-Visit Waves For Every Traveling Surfer
Draculas. Photo: Original Surf Morocco

Morocco has been a top priority for tourists from all over the world for years, especially during its ripe surf season. This piece of land is famous for its culture and impeccable surfing experience.

Morocco has a wides variety of waves and visitors are often confused about where to surf. As a result, they can easily end up wasting time attempting to figuring it out for themselves. So here is a list of 24 must-visit waves in Morocco to help the visiting surfer orient themselves before even getting off their flight.

1. Sidi Ifni

Having roots in Spanish colonial history, Sidi Ifni is full of history and culture. The rushing waves kissing Sidi Ifni beach invite thousands of surf enthusiasts to sniff the air of this marvelous place. The blue and white theme of the buildings and the turbans of the area’s inhabitants add to its aesthetic beauty.

2. Mirleft

The south of Morocco boasts the coast of Mirleft, a place you can blindly trust for a constant flow of waves. Additionally, if you don’t like an over-crowded surfing experience, this is the best spot for you. The climate is pleasant throughout the year and synchronizes well with the tourist’s moods.

3. Tifnit

Appears to be an isolated place but offers one of the strongest surf experiences in Morocco. If you have been surfing for quite some time and have a good knack of how to handle difficult waves then this is the place for you. The atmosphere is calm and surfers are advised to come here in groups rather than on solo adventures.

4. Anza

Recently, Anza has undergone a revival with cleaner beaches, bringing a flood of beginner surfers. The combination of waves, weather, and accommodation facilities in the immediate vicinity make it a popular place.

5. KM 12

KM 12 is named after its distance from the Agadir. The waves here are good for both beginners and intermediate level surfers.

These Are Morocco’s Must-Visit Waves For Every Traveling Surfer
Photo: Original Surf Morocco

6. Banana point

In an area with many surf schools, Banana point comes in handy for beginners to access. Taking its name from the adjacent Banana village, the shore is ornamented with rocky architecture and pleasant views of waves crashing against them.

7. Spider

Spider halts surfers traveling between Banana point and Devil’s Rock. It’s suited well for beginners and intermediates.

8. Devil’s Rock

Mostly serving as the weekend go-to for locals, Devil’s rock offers a good mix of rights and lefts and accommodates beginners on smaller days. The atmosphere is serene and the local café nearby is always the best place for relaxation after a day on the beach.

9. CroCro

It lies almost 15 km north of Agadir and is a welcoming spot for both beginners and advanced surfers with a bit of offshore winds. CroCro is equipped with luxurious accommodations and restaurants to keep you engaged with the vibrant life on the beach.

10. Panorama

Marking the South end of the Taghazout village, Panorama often offers difficult conditions and therefore invites expert surfers. Lunch at the Panorama café is a usual highlight for the surfers coming from all over and a short trip to the Paradise Valley nearby deserves a shot too.

11. Hash Point

The locals are extremely friendly here and the restaurants are full of life. Those inhabiting areas of Taghazout village find it the most interesting place to surf.

Photo: Original Surf Morocco

12. Anchor Point

This wave is famous for its fast, long walls. The difficulty level for surfing here is high and legend has it that the first ones to surf Anchor point were Australians back in the 1960s. So, if you are in the mood for a roller coaster session, this is your spot.

13. Mystery

Mystery receives offshore winds from the northeast thanks to its central location in Morocco. Winter is the most suitable season to come and surf here.

14. La Source

La Source is a gem of a spot. This place has this special aesthetic appeal in terms of architecture, beach resorts, people, flora, and heritage, making it heaven for surfers in Morocco. It is situated three kilometers from Taghazout and is the most tranquil area of the shore.

These Are Morocco’s Must-Visit Waves For Every Traveling Surfer
Photo: Original Surf Morocco

15. Killer Point

Receiving a major chunk of northwest swell energy here, the waves approaching this spot creates the illusion that this is an experts-only spot but in reality, Killer Point can host a variety of ability levels.

16: Draculas

This spot appears to invite the strong-hearted only. The wave heights and the rocks that resemble vampire teeth add to the dark aura here and the barrels are worth seeing in person.

These Are Morocco’s Must-Visit Waves For Every Traveling Surfer
Photo: Original Surf Morocco

17. Boilers

A boiler lying south of the lighthouse off Cap Rhir gives this place its name. And it hosts one of the best waves in Morocco.

18. La Boue

Famous for its agricultural and its deeply-rooted cultural heritage in French architecture, La Boue is a must for every surfer to explorer.

19. Tamri

Home to flamingoes and camels, Tamri is fun throughout the year. The strong lefts are a feature of this beach break but beginners can enjoy the occasional right as well. Tamri lies on the northern side of the coast and it offers a beautiful view when seen from the cliffs surrounding this area.

20. La Bea

You haven’t seen Morocco if you haven’t surfed here. This place is a hub of all-day surf sessions with a variety of waves, including the longest wave in Morocco. Your tour package to this place ought to include all day surfs, a trip to Agadir and Paradise Valley, and customary yoga sessions.

21. Cathedral

Famous for its rights, Cathedral in Imsouance lies in the northwest the Moroccan coast.

22. Sidi Kaouki

If you like some privacy and solitude, go to this place. In addition, what might add to the spice of your stay here are the popular camel and horse rides along the coast.

23. Essaouira

The European influence of seaport culture back in the 18th century is well preserved here. It is indeed a consistent beach break and is seldom crowded, hence, a solid choice during Morocco’s surf season.

These Are Morocco’s Must-Visit Waves For Every Traveling Surfer

24. Safi

Experienced surfers consider Safi the best right in Morocco. Those who know the potential of Safi will never miss a swell here during their surf tour and the best seasons to surf here are winter and autumn.