These Are The 4 Most Expensive Things In The World

Following are the 4 most expensive things existing in the world.

Chess Set : Charles Hollander

Chess is regarded to be the king of games and game of kings. It is played on a chess board with sixty four squires on it. Its set comprises of 32 pieces namely kings, queens, bishops, rooks and pawns. Its price starts from $ 05. It would be hard to believe that such a trivial thing can be so expensive. The most expensive chess set costs $ 600,000.

Camera : Susse Freres Daguerreo

Camera is a commonly used for taking snaps. In market its price takes starts from $ 30. It would be mirthful to let you know that there is such a camera that priced $ 775,000. This Susse Freres DaguerreoType camera is regarded as the most expensive camera in the world hither to. This most expensive Daguerreo Type camera was made in 1839. It is considered to be the oldest commercially manufactured camera in the world. It had a long history in itself in the world of snapping that raised its value and price that it was sold in an auction to a private party in 2007.

Land (Real Estate) : Tokyo, Japan

In different parts of the world the rate of land real estate differs. Its initial price starts in pennies per square meter. It is hard to believe that in Tokyo Japan the price of land per square meter is $ 1,200. This eye opening high price is caused as Tokyo is the most densely populated city in the world. To get a new piece of land in Tokyo is getting impossible day by day. Ten years before London was enjoying this position to be the most expensive city of the world by the means of price of its land (real estate). If go 20 years back then we find that Paris was the previous contender for this position. Now in 2017 all the top three most expensive cities of the world are Japanese cities.

Television set : Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition

A common household television may have a minimum price $ 100. But here we are going to introduce the most expensive television of the world. This television set namely Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition is considered the most expensive television of the world. Its price is surprisingly $ 2.3 million. The special about this television set is that it is covered by a hand-sewn alligator skin. Additionally it is studded with a remarkable amount of diamonds. These features help the television set to be the most expensive among others. When it was being manufactured, it was kept in the view that this television would provide a pleasure to its viewers whether it’s on or even off.