Things to Consider When Building a Custom Home in Salt Lake City

Things to Consider When Building a Custom Home in Salt Lake City

One of the best ways to get the dream home you've always wanted is by investing in a custom home. However, the process of doing that can be very complicated and intimidating. Therefore, if you are interested in building your own special customized home and live in the Salt Lake City area of Utah, we want to help you out by shedding some light on the important considerations you need to make.

Location Where You Want to Build Your Future Home

Perhaps one of the biggest factors on the initial price of building a customized home is the location. There are some parts of Salt Lake City, Snyderville, or even Park City where it may cost quite a lot. However, paying out for a custom home in these areas may be a sound investment in the long term. The actual geographical area is just one thing you need to think about, along with the following:

Lot Slope

If you are looking to build your home on a steep hill you will find that it is going to cost a lot more than if your chosen lot is on a flat piece of land.

Set Back Requirements

You need to be aware of the setback requirements for any property you build on your chosen plot of land as these can affect how much of the area you can use for your home.

Zoning Protocols Like Floor Area Ration

The floor area ratio, that is the radio of your building's complete floor space to the land you are looking to build on. Before you start designing your home it is important you know exactly what space you must work with.

Is a Design Review Required By City Regulations?

Again, this is something you need to investigate before you settle on a design for your home. It would be a shame for your designer to come up with a home design that you really love only to discover that a review is required, and a multitude of alterations and changes need to be made. Find out from your Salt Lake Custom Home Builder whether it is required in the area you are looking to build before you start really designing your home.

Are You Going to Choose a Panelized Property, Kit Home, or Modular House?

All the above terms can be used to describe prefab homes. However, there are unique characteristics to each of these building techniques you need to be aware of before deciding which is best for your own situation.

Panelized - With a panelized property all the components that make up the structure, that is the ceiling, flooring, and walls are made separately from each other at a workshop off-site. They are then delivered to the location and build just like a traditional property. While it is like a modular-style home, there is greater flexibility with this style.

Kit Home - With a Kit Home the components and materials that are needed to build the property are measured and cut and then delivered to the building site. With some of these types of homes, the owner can assemble the property themselves.

Modular - Modular houses, as the name suggests, are constructed from many box-shaped modules. These are all designed, made, and put together at an off-site location and feature all the plumbing, wiring, ceilings, walls, floors, and internal fixtures. Once they have been assembled at another location, they are then delivered to the building site and all the modules are put together and securely fastened onto the pre-made foundation. This is probably the quickest and cheapest way to make a customized home because most of the specialist work takes place off-site.