This Man Put Some Coal In The Eggs Carton - When You See What Happened Next, You'll Want To Try It Immediately!

There are a lot of tricks that can save your money and time. And this trick will make your life easier, for sure. If you like to barbecue, this trick will be extremely helpful. If you have a picnic and need to carry a smaller amount of coal with you, just put it in the eggs carton and secure it with a rubber band! This way your bag and your hands will stay clean, and you'll start a fire quickly because of that paper carton. Make sure to make some holes in you paper eggs carton, so that the air can circulate and start the fire. Make one hole on the top and two on the sides. And that's it! How easy was that? No mess, and super easy.


Here's another amazing trick for those of you who like to barbecue. If you do not know how to get rid of annoying mosquitoes while you barbecue outdoors, just add a little sage to your fire and mosquitoes will go away. In addition, it will smell very nice.