This Tiny Adorable Kitten Stole A Grown Man’s Heart In An Incredible Way!

What do you do when a kitten stops you on the road and asks you to give her a new home? Well, this is the story of stray cat that enchanted the reddit user- WollstoneLovecraft into taking her home. This tortie kitten was hanging around a parking lot in the middle of an industrial area, when her destined human found her.

It almost seems as if the kitten had cast a spell on the man as the man decided to adopt her within a few minutes of meeting her. When Lovecraft found her, the kitten was safely curled inside a box, eating food scraps that someone had generously given her earlier during the day.

This precious moment is when the human fell in love with the kitten and decided to take her home.

The kindhearted man took her next to the veterinarian to check if she had a microchip. Doctor estimated the healthy kitten to be 10 weeks old and she had no microchip.

This tortie girl is currently addicted to belly rubs, cuddling and kissing. Well, who wouldn’t wanna cuddle this bundle of fur?

She even got a lovely bed for her own!

There is nothing better than her human’s curvy head that she pillows to nap-on!

Even though it has been less than a week since these two found each other, they are inseparable. Kitty never leaves her human alone and even has a knack for being a performer

A little bit of love is all you need to bring a smile on a sad face.

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