Three detailed explanations of why the Redmi K60 does not smell good?

The three products can be described as seamlessly overlapping in terms of positioning and pricing, and for users, they are also the most worthwhile models at this price point right now.

Three detailed explanations of why the Redmi K60 does not smell good?

Of the three phones, the Redmi K60 is the least expensive, and as usual, I would be happy to recommend the Redmi K series, such as the K40 and K50, to friends around me, all of which are not a loss after purchase. But this time we have to discuss the matter, the reason why I said "not priority recommendation", in fact, not in the product itself, but because the competition is indeed still a bit of strength.

01 Configuration did not open the gap

Most people buy cell phones or consider the price/performance ratio, but the price/performance ratio is very general, what is called cost-effective, for most users and even professionals, may not be clear.

But from everyone's consensus, red rice, real me, moto's cell phone is generally have "cost-effective" label, of course, now also count a plus, since the green factory "ten billion subsidies" buff support, a plus the phone on the open volume, from the Ace series to the digital series, it is not good to refuse.

Three detailed explanations of why the Redmi K60 does not smell good?

So when the "roll king" meets the "roll king", who will be better? We look at the basic configuration of the three phones, the K60 advantage is the screen, equipped with a 2K screen, the real GT Neo5 and a plus Ace2 is the image, the main camera sensor is IMX890, with very good light sensitivity, night scenes often have better performance. If these are only half a catty to eight, one plus and true I have an advantage is fast charging. One Plus Ace2 supports 100W wired fast charging, while the True GT Neo5 is stronger, with 150W and 240W options.

Some people may have to say that the Redmi also has a larger battery and wireless charging, a balanced configuration, not weak at all. Yes, this is true. But the problem is not that the Redmi K60 is strong or not, but that users are starting to hesitate already. When users start to struggle with whether to choose 2K screen + 5500mAh large battery + wireless fast charging or choose IMX890 main camera + at least 100W wired fast charging, this certainly also shows that the Redmi K60 does not pull off the gap in configuration.

02 The same memory specifications without price advantage

Memory upgrade can be said to be a major popular trend in this year's machine circle, such as a plus Ace2 start is 12GB + 256GB, the real GT Neo5 is also 8GB + 256GB start, compared to the Redmi K60 is still 8GB + 128GB.

Then look at the launch price, a plus Ace2 12GB + 256GB starting price of 2799 yuan, the real GT Neo5 8GB + 256GB starting price of 2599 yuan, 12GB + 256GB is 2799 yuan, Redmi K60 8GB + 128GB starting price is 2499 yuan, 8GB + 256GB starting price of 2699 yuan, 12 + 256GB is 2999 yuan.

In other words, the Redmi K60 is indeed the cheapest starting price, but the same memory specifications are actually a little more expensive than the True GT Neo5 and One Plus Ace2.

03 game experience almost interesting

Three detailed explanations of why the Redmi K60 does not smell good?Three detailed explanations of why the Redmi K60 does not smell good?Three detailed explanations of why the Redmi K60 does not smell good?

Redmi K60, One Plus Ace2, and True GT Neo5 are all equipped with Snapdragon 8+ chips. From the actual game test, in "Original God" at 60 fps + very high quality, the average frame rate of True GT Neo5 reached 60.1 fps for half an hour, while One Plus Ace2 reached 59.6 fps, and the average frame rate of Redmi K60 was only 57.3 fps, and fluctuated more in the second half of the game, with some frame rate slippage in fighting monsters, fast Running, gliding and other scenarios showed some frame rate dips.


Simply put, always "high configuration, low price" of the red rice K60 in front of a plus Ace2, true GT Neo5 is not much advantage, and even in a state of parity, for users with brand tendencies, like the red rice or will choose red rice, but if you do not care much about the brand, only hope to buy a heart within the budget of the choice, the user is likely to hesitate, red rice K60 is no longer the only choice.