Three Mexican Crackers That You Should Store In Your Cupboard

Three Mexican Crackers That You Should Store In Your Cupboard

One of the world's most beloved snacks that people enjoy to eat is cracker. There's no need to explain why someone would like crackers. But for some, this reason for fondness may have begun with one's childhood.

Be it sitting on an inexpensive pizza joint, wherein there's a cracker basket, or buying an everyday cracker at the mom-and-pop neighborhood store.

If you're feeling under the weather, consuming crackers may actually make you feel better. Crackers belong to starchy foods, and they help in absorbing acids found in your stomach, which helps ease the queasiness.

By the way, keeping a few pieces of crackers within reach just before bedtime is a good idea. Consuming a few pieces before you get out brings a benefit to your stomach.

They are the hunger-busting snack that everyone had on hand. Crackers can be eaten as it is. But you can also load them up with either cheese or guacamole or pair them with your favorite soup.

Here is our top four of the best Mexican crackers that you can crumble into soup or nibble on them when you're sipping a little wine:

Gamesa Saladitas

What's goes well with soup when you're having dinner? Gamesa's Saladitas is the answer. Be it jazzing-up a can of soup or adding an accent to a stew that's been simmering for hours; these salty Mexican crackers will do the trick.

Each cracker is individually wrapped making these saltine crackers toasted to perfection.

If you are someone who wants to indulge and yet is careful about health, then you should try these Mexican crackers, which are 100 percent oven-baked. One of the things that you'll immediately notice about these crackers is its taste.

It will remind you of a tortilla chip due to the crispy texture. Each packet of Salmas Horneadas is made up of only four ingredients - that's whole grain corn flour, hydrated lime, salt, and the plant-based tocopherols which gives the cracker its crispiness.

These Mexican crackers once tasted will remind you of your favorite cracker from childhood. Yes, those buttery rounds which are rich yet flaky that almost melts in your mouth. Once tasted, you'll never get over its goodness as they can be a great alternative to bread. Try to make them as a side to your soup or topped a piece with cheese.