Tom Hanks Reveals True Colors With Coronavirus Diagnosis - 'He Did Not Have To Do That!'

Tom Hanks Reveals True Colors With Coronavirus Diagnosis - 'He Did Not Have To Do That!'

Tom Hanks is among the very first Hollywood stars (if not the first) to have announced a coronavirus positive diagnosis. Afterwards, as if he opened a door, many celebrities who got tested for positive announced their diagnosis too.

According to his friend Kevin Bacon, this just shows the kind of guy Hanks is - unafraid of judgement and knows exactly the right thing to do.

Imagine if people would rather not have their conditions tested? Imagine if they tested positive and refuse to tell anyone? They knew they could probably be ridiculed and feared by some - but keeping quiet is not likely to stem the spread of the infection; it'll make it scary worse.

With Tom Hanks announcing on his volition that he and his wife have the coronavirus, it reduced the intensifying stigma about having the disease. Yes, they must be quarantined. Yes, the disease is infectious. But no, it's not a condition that should be hidden. He and his wife also somehow made people aware that it is a condition that can hit just about anyone so social distancing and other protocols must be observed carefully.

In an interview, Hank's fellow actor and friend, Kevin Bacon revealed that he was surprised with the news. NOT just because his seemingly healthy friend has got the virus on everyone's minds these days, but also because he dared divulge his and his wife's diagnosis. This makes him more admirable in Bacon's eyes.

"We have exchanged emails and they are very much in my thoughts," Bacon shared to Entertainment Tonight. "Crazy about the guy. He is not just an incredible actor, but a real great man, and Rita as well. I think it was interesting how somebody that is so beloved was so early [diagnosed]. I think now we are at a place where we are going to [hear about] a lot of people that are well known [getting coronavirus]," he explained.

But the best thing is that he did not have to share his precarious condition and yet he did - in a very positive manner too!

"But the way that he came right out with it, which by the way I don't think he needed to do, but he said, 'This is a real thing,' and he also said, 'We are going to be OK,' was very powerful and beautiful move on his part," Bacon explained.

The most recent update on Hanks and Wilson's conditions is not necessarily good nor bad. The two are reportedly holding up quite well but feeling under the weather. Hanks' diabetes also make him prone to experiencing the more harrowing effects of the virus.

According to Hanks' sister, Sandra, the couple are in self-isolation after being released by the Queensland Hospital, where they stayed for almost a week. The two are in a recovery course that is considered normal for healthy adults.

Other celebrities that tested positive for the virus are Idris Alba, Daniel Dae Kim, Andy Cohen, and many more.