'Tombstone mode' that keeps Android phones smooth is on fire

I believe that everyone with Android phones will encounter the situation of killing the background, simply put, when you are playing a game, if you suddenly switch out to reply a message or something, switch back to the game will find that the game has been closed, need to re-enter. If the APP is hanging in the background for a long time, it will also lead to problems such as battery life, heat and lag.

So in response to this problem, Apple iOS has adopted the "tombstone mechanism". When the software runs in the background for N minutes without switching on, then the mechanism will record the software state and freeze it to save CPU resources.

In fact, in the Android machine also has the function of "tombstone mechanism", this function was released on Android 6.0, when the launch Android official also said that 512MB memory phones can run smoothly.

However, one drawback of this "tombstone mechanism" in Android is that it may cause some APP message notification delays, because many APPs do not have PUSH push mechanism and must be mounted in the background all the time to receive message push.

However, this feature has recently caught fire inside Cool On, and many users said that the phone lasts better, the phone is smoother, and kills fewer backgrounds after opening.

'Tombstone mode' that keeps Android phones smooth is on fire

Turn on the tombstone mechanism function

Open your Android phone's developer mode, usually by pressing the version number furiously inside About, after which it will show that the developer mode feature is on. Then go to the developer mode menu and find "Pause execution of cached applications" and select enabled, then restart your phone to take effect.

'Tombstone mode' that keeps Android phones smooth is on fire

However, some models hide this feature or require kernel support to have it. If you don't have this feature, you can use Shizuku debugging tool + LovePlay Toolbox to enable it.

'Tombstone mode' that keeps Android phones smooth is on fire

But there are also friends who say that the mandatory open, in fact, is "false open" no effect, the specific people themselves tested.


According to "palm powder digital" by using OPPO Find X5 Pro and iPhone13 Pro background residency comparison, the background retention performance is good.

'Tombstone mode' that keeps Android phones smooth is on fire

The three rounds of tests measured the effect of having 20 APPs open continuously and leaving them for 15 minutes, and the background-killing effect of having 10 APPs + Peace Elite open. As you can see, both phones basically do not kill the background much.

'Tombstone mode' that keeps Android phones smooth is on fire


Although Android can bring better battery life, smoothness, less background killing and more available memory by turning on the "tombstone mechanism", it will lead to delayed/unpushable message notifications for APPs that are not in the whitelist (self-launching), so some social apps still need to be manually set up in the whitelist.

In addition, according to the feedback of users, some APPs may actually have bugs, such as music background playback may be entered into the tombstone mode, resulting in the suspension of playback, the specific situation you go to try.

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