Top 10 Countries Where You Can Cheaply Live

Every year more and more people throw office work and go to live in countries where the summer is all year round. It's nice when over the head is a warm sun, around paradise, a beach, lots of fruits.

Many southern countries are famous for their low prices for housing, food and clothing. Usually the notion of "live for a penny" for each relative. On the planet Earth there are countries in which a person with an average income can afford to live dignifiedly. Consider the countries where you can live for a penny, enjoy life, fully develop and improve, work and grow children.


Thailand is a favorite vacation spot for Russian tourists. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people from different countries come to vacation here. After a chic diverse vacation, many people decide to move to Thailand to live, because food and accommodation here is very cheap.

Often, people rent an apartment in their country for rent, and for the money they have earned they live abroad, in no way refusing to.

Absolutely enough $ 500 a month to carefree, not working, live in Thailand.

The cost of housing for 1-2 rooms with a kitchen, bathroom and toilet, and sometimes even with a swimming pool costs $ 250 a month. Of course, housing is easier to cheaper, and rent a room will cost 80-100 $. To rent a hotel room will cost an average of $ 5-8 depending on the living conditions.

The prices of food are pleasing even more. The main diet is fruits, vegetables and seafood. If you want a shish kebab or meat with a garnish, then it will cost a large portion of baked only $ 2-3. Even cheaper it will be possible to cook by buying food in supermarkets.

To rent a car or a bike for a day will take $ 8-20, and for the month $ 100-200.


India is a beautiful, religiously rich country with beautiful traditions, yoga and many temples. True, in some places dirty, but if you want to move here, then a clean town is found without problems.

Housing and food prices do not differ much from Thailand's prices. In the summer, it is much cheaper to live in India than in the winter season. In Goa, in summer, renting a home near the sea costs an average of $ 300. A little further from the sea the price of housing is about $ 250. A chic hotel room with all conveniences will cost $ 20 per day.

To eat qualitatively and inexpensively can be in small cafes along the sea, lunch will cost about $ 3, and breakfast can be for $ 1. Indian cuisine costs $ 3, a cup of coffee is $ 0.5, and freshly squeezed juice is $ 1. Renting a bike or inexpensive car will cost $ 5-10 per day.


In the Philippines you can live not only cheap but also comfortable. The country has developed infrastructure even in provincial towns, such as Cebu. In the capital, there are always many holidaymakers, so the city is very noisy and lively, and prices are much higher than in other cities of the Philippines.

  • On average, you can rent a house on the islands for $ 250-300 a month.
  • The removal of the room will cost $ 5-10 per day.
  • A sleeping berth at an inexpensive hostel can be charged for $ 4 per day.
  • The room for two people costs about $ 15.

Meals are just as inexpensive. In a good cafe you can have a great lunch for $ 3 per person. In all towns for tourists, prices are much higher, for that he and the tourist business. Popular Philippine Beer can be purchased for $ 0.5-1 per pound.

The country is rich in exotic fruits, they can be purchased at a low price in local markets.


Indonesia is well known for the movie "Eat. Pray Love you. " Beautiful local landscapes, lots of temples and wise monks that can help you to know the truth and become more harmonious.

Renting a home in Indonesia will cost $ 100 a month, and the hotel room costs $ 5 a day. Even if you only have a couple of dollars left, you can have a great lunch, spending only $ 1.


In Cambodia it is often possible to meet lovers of cheap travel. The country is valued for a variety of ancient ruins and temples.

Here you can cheaply drop with a scuba diving and see with your eyes the beauty of the underwater world of Cambodia. A delicious dinner in a good restaurant costs only $ 5-7, and a half a liter of beer will cost just $ 0.3.


Everyone who went to Vietnam fell in love with this country at first sight. Here are turquoise waters, limestone islands and inexpensive life. Here you can eat fully and tasty, enjoy life and pay a little while.

In a cafe, if a tourist correctly pronounce the name of a Vietnamese dish, the price for any refinement will be set at $ 1. So learn the language! Rent a house will cost $ 150 a month, and to rent a hotel room costs $ 5 per day.


China is a huge country with a huge number of inhabitants. But this does not prevent living there and travel safely from one city to another. A taxi will cost only $ 1 in the city.

Although in recent years China has been in the midst of its strength, the average CP has reached $ 740, but it's still much cheaper to live than in many European countries.


In many European countries, you can live even cheaper than in Asian countries. Bulgaria is an example. Tourist holiday in this country is quite inexpensive.

Rent an apartment costs only $ 200, and the hotel room is $ 8-10 per day. Particularly appreciated is the Bulgarian beer, which costs $ 1 per liter. Here 70% of the population is Russian-speaking, as many gardens and schools in Russian. The country is sunny and beautiful.

Many citizens of Russia and Ukraine are buying real estate here for vacation and permanent residence.


Nicaragua is an incredible country. There is no overpopulation and a wild influx of tourists. The country is harmonious and inexpensive to live. A huge amount of exotic fruits and seafood. Amazing vegetation and friendly people.

To come to live in this country, you will have to strain. Otherwise, prices are extremely low.

Renting a home per month will cost an average of $ 100, and a delicious dinner will cost $ 3. For amateurs of water sports in the first place it is necessary to go to this country.


If you choose a country abroad to stay, then you should consider Honduras. To date, this place has been attracting more tourists. Because here it is possible to live lowly and give a good breath. Tasty food in the restaurant is only $ 3, and to rent a room in the hotel for $ 5 per day.

In any case, the choice of country for permanent residence should be treated more than seriously. It's good where we are not! When moving abroad, it should be borne in mind that close to Ukrainian-speaking friends will not be close, and in a foreign country, their traditions and procedures. Good luck!