Top 10 Electric Shaver Brand Recommendations

Electric razor can be said to be a necessity in men's lives, with the function of distinguishing it into two major blocks: power is weak, for less hard scruff and more comfortable rotary razor. And powerful, clean shave

The reciprocating razor with a high degree of vibration makes the skin feel uncomfortable, and the discomfort will be stronger in areas with dense scruff.

The hardness and density of the beard is the primary consideration for consumers to choose which functional razor, middle-aged men's groups are dense and hard, so the reciprocating razor is the best choice for fathers and grandfathers, on behalf of the brand - Germany Braun and Japan's Panasonic.

Rotary razor is more focused on comfort, so the power is reduced, the vibration is not so strong, so more suitable for young men who do not have a lot of scruff, the representative brand - Philips.

The following take a look at the common razor brands on the market, consumers can be based on their own scruff hardware conditions, the so-called hardware conditions is the hardness and density of scruff, while combining their own requirements for shaving and the ideal price to choose their Mr. razor, of course, can also be screened according to the value of the face.

1. Philips

Top 10 Electric Shaver Brand Recommendations

Philips - the representative brand of rotary razor, divided into three levels of universal, medium and high. Ordinary entry-level products, the basic equipment, a hundred dollars can be bought. 300, 500, 1000 these three series belong to the mid-range products, two heads. The 300 series was awarded the 16-year red dot design award, the head can float washable, the price point in about two hundred. 500 series price point between 249 and 679, there are 2 fit + 3 head, 3 fit + 4 head these two series, in addition to the daily shaving can also do facial cleansing, trimming nose hair, this series are added to the silent system, taking into account the price point and the full range of functions, 500 series is The 1000 series 3 way rotation and can be used dry as well as wet, as long as two hundred can take it home oh.

Top 10 Electric Shaver Brand Recommendations

The most expensive is the 9000 series, which has a V-cut shaving system that perfectly fits the contours of the face, plus eight shaving heads that can meet all the requirements of men for shaving. The 9000 series has a V-cut shaving system that perfectly fits the contours of the face, plus an eight-way contour-tracking razor head that can meet all of a man's requirements for a shave. The official price is set at 1899 yuan - 18888 yuan, which is considered to be the ultra-luxury in the razor, this high-end series is a series that the tycoons can close their eyes to not step on the mines, after all, in addition to the expensive drawback there is no other drawback.

Price and the value of the item is equal to the Philips use of the blade is affordable at this price point where he is, the hardware to keep up, cleaning and comfort will be more in place, 9000 series is the top of the Philips, but from the economy and daily use to consider not 500 series cost-effective.

500 series Philips recommended degree of five stars, the price is suitable for most consumers, can meet the daily needs.

Top 10 Electric Shaver Brand Recommendations

2. Panasonic

Panasonic - the representative brand of compound razor, it is the world's top three razor brands in the king of cost performance, it is all models of razor body can be washed. The price range is also very reasonable, in the range of 100 to 3999 yuan. Its main focus is to eliminate hard scum, so that the face clean every day, so the sense of vibration and the use of decibels naturally to a larger point. Panasonic does not have a series of difference only the head, from a single head from the first level increment to five heads, its price is high and the number of heads is a direct growth, the more heads, the better the cleaning ability.

Panasonic brand is one of the best razors on the market, both wet and dry, and is a three-blade head, cost-effective, the official pricing of 299-2999 yuan. Individual products are more than a high speed magnetic levitation motor, to ensure that its shaving clean outside also reduce the noise decibels, these types of products official price of about 499 yuan, if you want to shave outstanding effect and to decibel small, then Panasonic is a good choice for you, if you want to send a gift to your boyfriend, then look at the Panasonic, the face is also very popular with boys.

Panasonic is cost effective and has excellent shaving results.

3. Braun

If Panasonic and Philips are the two performance ends of the spectrum, Braun is the balance of them. It's price as well as shaving features are between the two above, and the shaving clarity and comfort are held in the middle. Braun's biggest feature is to make each demand point stand alone as a separate product, such as WaterFlex water sensing series, CoolTec ice sensing series, CruZer styling series, Mobile portable series. The 1 series and 3 series are the hot players in Braun's razor digital series. The price range is 300 to 7000, the middle player Braun price is not very beautiful.

Braun (Braun) men's electric shaver reciprocating shaver small cheetah 5 series 10 advantages all gathered in one machine, I believe you can harvest a lot of fans.

Among them, 1 series and 3 series are pro-people products, is the majority of consumers will choose the series, the price in 200-300, 3 series power has a triple floating head, self-cleaning system, more tailored to the contours of consumers, these three points are the advantages of 3 series, but 1 series in this area of power has lost to the 3 series, affordable men can choose 3 series as a small assistant for daily cleansing.

Recommended to buy 3 series value five stars

4. Remington

Remington (Remington) razor electric full-body wash reciprocating double-blade head men

Remington's peculiar appearance is the biggest selling point of this product, the B-head series is the most popular razor player in this brand, the camouflage style makes people as in the use of a tank, friends with a military complex can choose him, the B-head series official starting price of 139 yuan, its durable and resistant, equivalent to the razor session in the Nokia, go cool style boys can consider this one oh.

5. Feike

Top 10 Electric Shaver Brand Recommendations

Fike (FLYCO) men's electric shaver full body wash wet and dry double shaving razor

Fike razor is the most number of people in the country know the brand, his cost-effective, the main walking route is civilian, all models of the price range in 65 yuan to 169 yuan. One of the most recommended is the Feike FS series, it Feike shaver in the sales champion, the whole body can be washed, with three heads, the appearance of simple atmosphere, both from the price or shaving cleanliness are greatly in line with the needs of consumers, starting at only 89 yuan, most middle-aged men's choice, but also a good choice of Father's Day gifts.

6. Pentium

Pentium is committed to become the leading Chinese care appliance brand, he took a similar route to Feike, are priced pro-people, 39-159 yuan is the current price of all models of Pentium. What he pursues is the fit, there are 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, it is the higher the D number the better the fit, not to clean cleanliness round hero, will be the human comfort in the first place.

7. Superman

Superman razor is a relatively cold brand, he is one of the rotary warriors, the official price point at $35-169. His features can meet the basic needs of life. The Superman R-head series is one of the more recommended products of this brand, with three heads and a price of $49. This is also the lowest priced brand among the recommended models introduced in this article, this price is simply saying to consumers: buy me.

There are a lot of razor brands on the market, today is introduced here, if there is a good recommendation can tell me oh. If I were to choose Panasonic, the appearance of simple, functional and very powerful, very much to my appetite for daily care. We all know that the most expensive is not necessarily the best, but the most suitable for their own must be the most right Oh. See more than one, choose a favorite razor can make life and shaving as smooth.

8. Braun 3 series

Braun has always insisted on producing high quality products and it offers some of the best electric shavers at reasonable prices to its customers.

So here again we have chosen the Braun 3 series, a range of inexpensive electric shavers that offer a great shaving experience without having to cost you a lot of money.

One of the most important criteria that people look for in a good electric shaver is how easy it is to operate, and most high-end electric shavers have too many features that require learning and practice.

Some people think that there is no need for an electric shaver to have too many features and prefer only the basic functions. The Braun 3 series is quite easy and simple to use, there is no need to do graduate work and you can simply use it without having to worry about messing up the settings.

It is quite helpful that this razor is equipped with an LED display. All high-end razors have a display that instructs you to charge your razor if it's low on power.

The Braun 3 series has a wet and dry function that allows you to use this razor in the shower, so if you don't have much time and need a quick shave early in the morning, you can simply have a dry shave without much preparation. Dry shavers are best for those who like to do things quickly and have little time in the morning before work.

It has a 5-minute quick charge feature, which is quite helpful if you forget to charge the razor and you need to shave immediately, and it provides you with enough energy for a shave.

As for the value for money aspect of this shaver, the Braun 3 series offers a good shaving experience at an affordable price, but of course it will not be as high performance as those expensive electric shavers. However, it is a good choice for a good price and is quite easy to operate.

This Braun razor is best for sensitive skin and sparse facial hair. If you have a thick beard, then you may need multiple passes to get the job done. Of course the Braun 3 series is a great choice with all the high end features that make it better than many other razors.

Those who don't like to spend a lot of money on expensive electric razors, Braun 3 series razors are the right choice for you.

If your beard is not overly messy, you will love this electric shaver. This electric shaver is reasonably priced and will provide you with a great shaving experience.


  • Can be used wet or dry
  • More comfortable shaving than rotary razors
  • Completely waterproof and easy to clean
  • Easy to operate
  • Reasonable price


  • If you have thick facial hair, you may need several shaving rounds to get the desired shave.

How to choose the best electric razor

If you are planning to buy a new electric razor, or if you want to switch from a manual razor to an electric razor, then you must be aware of the fact that a new electric razor may take a few weeks to get used to your facial skin.

According to research, it is not known so far why this happens. It's either the facial skin type or the shaving machine itself. It could also be that the skin has adapted to the new shaving device.

Studies have shown that when you change razors, whether from a manual razor to an electric razor or just switching to a new electric razor, people usually get used to the way they shave with their previous razor and ignore how the new razor is different. It is always recommended to read the user guide before using a new electric shaver.

Long story short, if you feel bad or uncomfortable after using your new electric razor for the first time, you must not start panicking and give your skin and the new razor some time to adjust.

Some brands of electric shavers offer a trial period of about 7 days, however, it is important that you speak with the seller before purchasing a shaver as each brand has a different trial period policy.

All electric razor brands claim that their razors are designed to give you a closer and more comfortable shave. But everyone's facial skin is different, and the thickness of their beard varies from person to person. Some people have heavy beards and others have light beards; therefore, it is important to know the type of razor you want to use.

The basic function of all razors is almost the same. A manual razor consisting of a single blade moves across the face, lifting facial hair and cutting off stubble, while with a double-blade razor, the first blade lifts the hair, the second blade cuts it off, and with a third blade, it will even cut further through the hair to give you a closer shave.

Types of electric shavers

Rotary shaver

Rotary refers to rotation, which moves in a circular motion along the contours of the facial skin as the hair slides into the head of the razor and is cut off. This circular motion helps reach those hard-to-reach areas such as the chin and neck.

As you can see, the rotary razor works well for cutting longer or thicker facial hair. Rotary razors are best for those who do not like to shave every day.


The main purpose of the trimmer is to trim the hair, not to shave completely close like an electric razor. The trimmer has two blades that move towards each other, as you move the trimmer around your face or body, it will trap the hair between the sliding blades and cut the hair. There are 2 main types of trimmers, hair trimmers and hair clippers. They both have the same function, but the only difference is the size of the blades.

The trimmer handles longer hair and has a setting to adjust the length of the hair, it is best suited for larger areas. The trimmer, on the other hand, is used to cut short hair, especially the area around the back of the neck, sideburns and chin. There are different types of trimmers such as beard trimmers and body hair trimmers.

There are various types of body trimmers, also known as body beauticians, that you can choose from that best suit your needs. You can find specialized back trimmers designed specifically for your back, and these trimmers have an extended handle that allows you to shave the back of your body with ease.

The efficiency and speed of electric shavers

When we talk about the speed of the razor, this means it refers to the RPM (revolutions per minute) or CPM (cycles per minute) of the motor inside the shaver. The faster the speed, the better the razor will perform and the less time you will need to get a clean, close shave without too much difficulty. It's good to buy an electric shaver with a speed or CPM over 11,000.

Electric shaver power type

There are several ways to power electric shavers, and here we will discuss a few common types.

1. Cord. This type of electric shaver will only work when the cord is plugged in. This type of razor does not require you to charge the razor, but you will need an outlet board to make it work.

2. Wired charger. In this style, you can charge the razor by simply plugging the charger into an electrical outlet. You can also use the razor while the razor is charging.

3. Charging stand. In this power supply method, the shaver is equipped with a charging stand. When you need to charge your cordless shaver, you simply place the electric shaver on the charging stand, and the charging stand will charge your shaver for the next use.

4.4. Cleaning and charging system. In this power style, the razor comes with a cleaning and charging unit that not only charges the razor, but also cleans the razor head. You simply place the razor upside down on the head inside the unit, and the unit will charge the razor and clean it as well.

5. Battery razor. This type of razor is not very common nowadays and operates with double A or triple A batteries. These are quite handy when you travel abroad.

Why use an electric razor (electric razor vs. manual razor)

We've seen the long-standing debate about manual vs. electric shavers, so we decided to write about a comparison of manual and electric shaver performance.

After conducting some research and surveys of people who have used electric and manual razors, we gathered a great deal of information and wrote down these points in the form of pros and cons, as follows.

Advantages of using an electric shaver

We asked people who own electric razors why they prefer them to manual razors. Almost 95% answered that they use an electric razor to get faster results because it cuts hair faster compared to a manual razor. There is also the fact that they can take their electric razor anywhere they like and get a quick shave wherever they are.

Electric razors don't require anything extra like shaving cream or lather, which makes it simple to use and you don't need water or a bathroom to shave. The biggest benefit of using an electric razor is that you have fewer razor burns and cuts. Razors also reduce the problems associated with ingrown hairs.

When using an electric razor, you don't need to change the blades as often. Most foil razors require you to change the foil every 12 months and the blades inside need to be replaced every two years. Rotary razor blades are usually recommended to be replaced every 12 months. This reduces the cost in the long run.

When traveling, an electric razor is every man's best friend because you can simply take it anywhere without much hassle, and it's portable enough to easily fit in your bag. If you have shaky hands, then shaving with a manual razor can be difficult and increase the risk of cuts, but with an electric razor you can eliminate that problem.

A good electric razor will also allow you to shave without a mirror. Certain skin conditions do not allow you to shave with a manual razor, especially if you have pimples or acne. And the best electric razors have advanced cutting technology that works well for this skin condition and provides a close and comfortable shave.

Disadvantages of using an electric razor

Compared to manual razors, electric razors do not provide an ultra-close shave if you are a person with a medium to heavy beard. Experts agree that shaving with an electric razor requires a lot of practice, but shaving with an electric razor can still cause some degree of stinging.

We have some of the latest electric shavers from top brands that feature both wet and dry shaving, but most razors will not come with wet shaving technology and you may only be able to do a dry shave.

Electric shavers do need to be charged and if they are not properly charged, the battery may run out while you are shaving. Cleaning and maintenance of electric shavers requires more attention; however, top brands have made the process of maintaining and cleaning electric shavers much easier and simpler.

Today's electric shavers come with a cleaning and charging device that not only cleans the shaver automatically, but also charges it at the same time. However, the cleaning and charging device may increase the price of the razor.

Compared to a manual razor, having an electric razor initially costs more and is a bit more expensive to maintain. However, a good quality brand name electric shaver lasts longer and saves money in the long run.

Manual razor (advantages and disadvantages)

Advantages of using a manual razor.

There is no doubt that a manual razor will give you the closest shave possible. The razor cartridge can be replaced without much hassle. The cost of a manual razor may increase in the long run, but it is still the cheapest way to shave.

Disadvantages of using a manual razor.

If you use a manual razor, it takes more time to shave because it requires water and other additional products such as shaving cream, foam or gel for a comfortable shave, which is an additional cost. Razor blades can become dull or less effective after a few uses and need to be replaced.

A dull blade may require you to make a few more strokes on your face, which is time consuming and can cause stinging pain. Shaving with a manual razor can cause cuts and increases the chance of ingrown hairs, even with a brand new blade.

How long does an electric razor need to be cleaned and maintained once

If you want your electric razor to have a good experience, then you must do maintenance at least once a week and clean the razor after each use. When cleaning the razor, you need to make sure that all remaining hairs and dead skin particles are cleaned and removed from inside the razor head.

If you are too lazy to clean your razor, then you are reducing the life of your electric razor. If your razor becomes clogged with extra uncleared hairs inside, it puts extra stress on the machine inside the razor, which reduces the durability of the razor.

Regular cleaning of the razor also helps to get rid of harmful bacteria embedded in it. Electric razors with cleaning devices also need to be cleaned manually once a week.


Razors have been around for quite some time, even in ancient times, but the way of shaving has evolved over time and it is now much easier to shave than it used to be. People now have more shaving options and electric razors have made shaving much easier and safer.

When you consider shaving with an old-fashioned manual razor, it is a time-consuming and boring task. Therefore, people prefer to use an electric razor, especially if you are a person with a very tight schedule and sensitive skin.

A good electric shaver with better ergonomics and advanced shaving technology not only makes shaving easy, but also gives you a safe and comfortable shaving experience.