Top 10 Most Expensive Bikes In The World

If you look through the list then you will see that each one has been built in its own way. The material used was used for certain reasons and if you pay close attention you will notice certain things ame it that brand of bike. The highest amount you will pay is a million dollars and the bike that cost that much is named after the price.

No wonder people are very careful when riding these because it could cost more to repair them in the long run. You will want to keep up with the maintenances because if not then you will see thAll of these bikes have a different look and they have a pricey amount of money that you will need to save up just to buy it will go down fast. If you know nothing about bikes but want one go for one that will not cost you and arm and a leg or you could be just wasting money you can not get back by selling it. Most of the bikes on this list are collectables and should not be drove around. It will ruin the value and they should be stored away in a huge museum to show off the history of how they all come about. Here is the list of top 10 most expensive bikes in the world in 2018.

10. Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter

This bike is built and complete but when you look at it you will think that it is not. The seat is weird and it has huge tires. This bike can be bought if you have at least one hundred and ten thousand dollars. Yes very pricey for such a little bike. They used steel for the bike and that is why it looks the way it does. If you have a weak heart we suggest that you do not even attempt to get on this bike even to just ride for a minute. The tires on it are a good size to keep you on the road and not falling off.

9. Coventry Eagle

One thing that will catch the eye of some buyers is the kick stand that it has. You will prop the back of the bike up keeping the tire off of the ground. It is an old bike and is good for people who love the classical bikes and love to show them off. It has a horn and you can even make noises with it. This bike is going to cost you around a hundred and twenty grand so be ready to save up and hope you get it before you can not find the one you want. A light on the front is great for dark nights and if you just love to ride at night rather than the day time.

8. Harley Davidson Rocker

If you know this brand then you know it is a pricey bike to begin with. The blue color on it makes you want it that much more. The seat looks very comfy and will keep you from slipping off the back of it. Everything about this bike will make your dreams come true. It is built at a thirty seven degree incline. Get ready to pay a big price of a hundred and thirty thousand dollars to own it for the rest of your life.

7. Hildebrand Wolfmuller

Not a bike that some people will say has style. It is the first ever made motorcycle and you can tell just by looking at it. The seat looks really weird and the style of it all together will not be something you ride everyday. Why waste your money when this should be sitting in a museum somewhere being shown to the world. Pull out the money and hope you have a hundred and fifty thousand dollars to hand over. It is for sale but it is in a private collection. It is a part of history and should stay that way. Do not ride this bike.

6. Hub less Harley Davidson

If you look at this at a certain angle it you will notice that it does not look straight but it is. It may be old and very pricey but it would be great to have and to show off to the world. That does not mean you will need to ride it around to show them. You can put it in a parade on a trailer so people can see it but riding it will only make the value go down and that would really hurt the history of the bike. Buy it for a hundred and fifty five thousand dollars and then you can do what you want just please do not get on it or ride it. It is a collectable. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Expensive Bikes in The World 2017.

5. Ecosse FE Ti XX

This bike has two hundred and twenty five horsepower. The engine is aluminum. It has a pretty cool design and it is the fastest in the world. The red and black seat will have you enjoying the great fresh air in no time while you sit nice and cozy. It is worth three hundred thousand dollars and is worth every penny of it. It is old but looks newer than the other bikes that are on the list.

4. The Legendary British Classic Black

It has a kickstand that also brings up the back tire while it is propped up. The seat is more of a flat surface but it will still be pretty cool to sit on and enjoy. It was made in the United Kingdom and is not the fastest but it has some speed to it. When you look up the price of this bike some people just close it out because it is worth four hundred thousand dollars and when you see a number that big you will not want to even think of dropping that in a bucket unless you are just filthy rich.

3. Gold Plated Custom Chopper

This is one that you would want to hide away from the public eye. Maybe you will want to show it off to a few people but you will not even allow them to touch it. It has a really neat design and you will be laying down to ride it if you do decide to try that. When it comes to getting this bike out you will keep it clean or the value will go way down from the five hundred thousand that it is worth.

2. Ultra Rare Porcupine

People still have this and are riding them today, it may just be a different style. The green color will remind you of the guy off of one of the Spiderman movies and the shield in front will keep the bugs from hitting your face. The design looks really awesome and will have your friends begging to get on it. If you want to keep the value at seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars you will keep telling them no.

1. Million Harley-Davidson

This bike’s name is what it is worth. One million dollars is a lot to pay for some metal and rubber. The blue lighting on the bottom of it is kind cool and will have the road glowing blue while you drive down it. The other color that is on it looks almost like lava with the bright yellow and orange colors that it shows. If you have a million dollars to hand over then you go right ahead and have fun with that. Take these to a few shows and show it off to the world. Brag about how much you paid for it you will love the attention that it will get.

If you have the money to buy any of these bikes then you are a lucky person. You can not get these on payments and they all belong in a museum so they can be taken care of and not used as toys. The price of these just shows that it is not a toy. Things like this are meant to be kept safe and not messed up. If you was to wreck one of these while riding it they can not be replaced they will just be garbage.