Top 10 Most Popular Hottest NBA Cheerleaders

NBA is a very famous sport better known as Basket Ball all over the world. The sport itself is very interesting but another part of it is also interesting the “Cheerleaders”. Cheer leaders can be in a group of 30 or a small group of 3 girls. These dancers can be described in 4 words hot, sexy, beautiful and talented. Wearing short t shirts and miniskirts these hot dancers are worth seeing. There around 200 dancing troops of dancers all over the United States today. They dance on every net that the players do. They have very well toned hot bodies and are very flexible and some of the best group dancers in the world. They are usually known by the name of the team they are dancing for. The best dancing teams are paid in millions so here is a list of the highest paid dancers and dancing troops in the world today. Here is a list of top 10 most popular, hottest NBA cheerleaders in 2018.

10) Laker Girls (Net worth – $1 million)

They are the dancers doing the cheerleading for the Los Angeles Lakers team. These ladies are really hot and worth watching when they are dancing. They get paid $1000 approximately for every match they perform in. Their names are Teresa, Jenny, Kelsey, Brandi, Chole, Shelbie, Brittney, Rachael, Alanna, Chani, Deseree, Jessica, Jesse, Julieanne, Karla, Lacy, Tiege, Taylor, Savanah, Sarah, Raquel, Nicolette, Mykayla and Mitchell.

9) Atlanta Hawks Dancers (Net worth – $8 million)

Representing the famous NBA team The Atlanta Hawks these 26 dancers were selected by a very strict dancing audition and are worth watching as soon as a player scores. The names of the 26 dancers are as follows Andi, Bethany, Brittany, Brooke, Carly, Christina, Jasmine, Hillary, Gabrielle, Essence, Erika, Crystal, Jennifer, Mary Michael, Lauren, Jessye, Kada, Kayla, Tiffany, Sierra, Megan, Shamea, Missy, Miles, Monique and Nakeisha.

8) Thunder Girls (Net worth – $10 million)

They represent the NBA team Oklahoma City Thunder team which is now one of the most successful NBA teams in the world. They get around $10,000 per match. The Thunder girls comprises of 20 hotties that were selected after a brief audition in 2016. Their names are Jessica, Sarah, Tiffany, Tiara, Rachael, Lauren, Stephanie, Kimberly, Courtney, Jamie, Jenny, Kayle, Kalyssa, Kim, Kara, Chelsie, Addie, Alex, Alicia and Brooke.

7) Raptors Dance Pak (Net worth – $11 million approx)

The Toronto Raptors NBA team owns this group of hot cheer leaders. They are not allowed to disclose their proper salary as it’s a secret as decided by the team management. Every year these dancers are selected through a rigours round of auditions. The recent list for the 2016-2017 sessions for the NBA games of the Raptors is yet to be announced. The names will be out once the selection process is over.

6) Miami Heat Dancers (Net Worth $12 million)

The word Miami itself gives us an image of hot ladies and that thought goes right with the Miami Heat Dancers. The hottest dancers in the whole NBA are a part of this troop. The names of these 23 hotties are Adriana , Alexandra, Alexandria, Angie, Ashlee-Ann, Ashley, Bianka, Brianna, Carin, Gabriela, Giuliana, Jeanelle, Jessenia, Karina, Katelyn Kristina Lindsey H. Lindsey M. Michelle Sasha Stephanie Tangela and Teressa.

5. Celtics Dancers (Net worth- $15 million)

These beauties cheerlead for the Celtics a very old renowned and well known NBA team The Celtics. As every other team the cheerleaders for this team are auditioned shortlisted and selected. The group of 16 dancers chosen for this year’s games Victoria, Tinaiya, Tawnee, Peyton, Sarah, Michaela, Molly, Lindsay, Marissa, Janelle, Maire, Christen, Jessie, Ashley, Alyssa and Cara.

4. Rockets Power Dancers (Net worth – $23 million)

The only team to win 3 NBA dance team titles and the most powerful dancers in the whole NBA today. The auditions are just around the corner for the 2016-2017 series in July this year. They are presently the costliest dance team. The famous dancers in this troop are Alysse, Ashlee, Carly, Casey, Jackie, Paige and Sierra.

3. Chicago Luvabulls (Net worth – $22.5 million)

The best NBA team requires the best Cheerleading dancing group so representing the Chicago Bulls is the Chicago Luvabulls. A huge group of 25 very beautiful dancers and are some of the highest paid and well known dancers in the world. Whitney, Rachel, Nicole, Missy, Megan S, Megan B, LaDreauna, Lindsay H, Lindsay Z, Mackenzie, Kelly, Kristine, Jessica B, Hillary, Allyson, Amelia, Briana, Brielle , Caitlin, Hannah, Emily, Cerissa Ariana, Jessica L and Alleson.

2. Spurs Silver Dancers (Net worth – $40.0 million)

Number 2 on the list of the hottest richest and the most popular NBA cheerleaders in 2018. The Spurs Silver Dancers are a group of 15 very hot and talented dancers do not represent any particular team as they have their own identity as NBA cheerleaders. It is said that the dancers earn around $32000 per head for every match they do the cheerleading in. The names of these 15 hot and beautiful dancers are Valaeri, Taylor, Teresa, Mallory, Shauntelle, Lauren, Marissa, Desiree, Brittany, Indey, Erica, Brianna, Alyssa, Ally and Ariana.

1. Dallas Mavericks Dancers (Net worth – $49.7 million)

This cheerleading group is owned by the NBA giant Dallas Mavericks. They are the richest and the hottest cheerleading team in whole NBA. Consisting of 20 super-hot dancers namely Karielle, Katelyn, Meredith, Raegan, Sydney, Elise, Hayley, Amber, Kassandra, Lauren, Ashley H, Veterans Emily M, Kathryn, Janae, Lexie, Hunter, rookies Ansley, Emily V, Ashley W, Alexis. In short known as DMD these dancers were chosen after a brief audition in the Hilton Anatole hotel in July 2015. They are now known as the hottest and richest NBA dancing troop.

NBA is not only a sport of macho men but also an arena to watch these hottest NBA cheerleaders their best moves to cheer the team which they are cheering for.