Top 10 Smartest People 2018

Intelligence is thought to be a divine gift, not a learnt skill. Although valuing someone’s intelligence can become some subjective, the genius of some people is undeniable; they can turn the complicated into something simple and find the best solutions. Let’s take a look at the smartest people!

10. Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking

Known by all of us, the British scientist Stephen Hawking has an IQ of 160 points. He has proven dozens of times that, despite his severe degenerative disease, he’s still one of the smartest people and one of the people who have contributed most to science and cosmology.

9. Judit Polgár

Judit Polgár is considered the best female player in the history of chess. She was born in Hungary in 1976 and trained since a child thanks to her father. Judit won a game even against Garry Kasparov, and at the age of 15 she achieved the title of Grandmaster. But Polgár isn’t only a chess master but a certified brainier with a recorded IQ of 170 points.

8. Andrew Wiles

Andrew Wiles

The next is Andrew Wiles, a British mathematician born in 1953. Wiles achieved world fame when, in 1993, he demonstrated Fermat’s Last Theorem. Although it was a failure in the first instance, it was later successfully corrected by Wiles himself. Furthermore, his IQ is of 170 points.

7. Paul Gardner Allen

Paul Gardner Allen

Paul Gardner Allen is an American business magnate, investor and philanthropist. He founded Microsoft Corporation with Bill Gates. Moreover, like the previous two, he has an IQ of 170 points. In 2003, he was estimated to be the 53rd richest person in the world, with wealth of $ 15 billion.

6. Magnus Carlsen

The next is another chess Grandmaster. Magnus Carlsen was born in Norway, in 1990, and he’s the current World Chess Champion. Besides being a child prodigy during his childhood, he became the world’s second youngest chess champion in history after Garry Kasparov, becoming a chess prodigy. Although he wasn’t interested in knowing his IQ, and he even hated to be called genius, in the end it was revealed that it’s 186 points.

5. Gary Kasparov

As we have already mentioned, Gary Kasparov is a Russian-Croatian Grandmaster chess former World Chess Champion, whom many consider to be the greatest chess player of all time; only surpassed by Magnus Carlsen in 2013. In addition to his high IQ of 190 points, he’s also known for being the master of chess who was able to defeat, in 2003, a machine that could calculate three million moves per second.

4. Kim Ung-Yong

Kim Ung-Yong

Kim Ung-Yong is a Korean born in 1962, who became famous for being the most prodigious child in the world since at the age of three he was already able to read Japanese, Korean, German and English. He’s currently considered one of the smartest people for his incredible IQ of 210 points. Furthermore, at the age of three he was already attending Hanyang University’s physics classes. And later, at the age of seven, the United States invited him to collaborate with the NASA.

3. Christopher Hirata

Christopher Hirata

Christopher Hirata is an American physicist born in 1982, who was also considered a child prodigy. He works since the age of 16 at NASA in its mission of conquering Mars. He got his Ph.D. at Princeton University at the age of 22 and his IQ is 225 points, which is considered phenomenal. He’s currently teaching astrophysics in the CIT California Institute of Technology.

2. Terence Tao

Terence Tao

Terence Tao is an Australian mathematician born in 1975. He’s currently one of the smartest people with an incredible IQ of 230 points. At the age of 20 he got his Ph.D. at Princeton University. Aand at the age of 24 he joined UCLA as a professor, the youngest since its founding. So that, today he’s working in harmonic analysis, partial differential equations, additive combinatory, random matrix theory, and analytic number theory.

1. Grigori Perelman

Grigori Perelman

To conclude, let’s talk about Grigori Perelman. Perelman is a highly respected mathematician, born in the Soviet Union in 1966 and considered today the most intelligent man on the face of the Earth. His incredibly high IQ is of 238 points! And in particular, his great contribution to the world has been to prove Thurston’s Geometrization Conjecture; so that it was possible to solve the famous Poincaré Conjecture, which was proposed in 1904 and considered one of the most important mathematical hypotheses and difficult to prove.