Top 10 Things Found Underwater That Nobody Can Explain

There are plenty of strange and bizarre discoveries that have been made underwater by man that may not be native to the existing environment. At the bottom of the sea where fishes, sea horses and other natives reside, there are plenty of mysterious things that archeologists have found from ancient cities, shipwrecks, underwater lakes to monuments and many other objects that are unthinkable by humans.

Indeed, the world of underwater is simply fascinating where some of the best treasures of the world co-exist along with the marine life.

Let us explore the top 10 things found underwater and learn some amazing facts about them.

1. Underwater Stonehenge

Underwater Stonehenge

This was one of the most exciting underwater discoveries made by the archeologists who found a Stonehenge kind of monolith figure across the coast of Sicily. This structure was found broken into two parts in standard shape measuring around 3.2 foot in length with three holes with the same diameter. It is believed that this structure was made very long ago.

2. A Sculpture Park

A Sculpture Park
A Sculpture Park

The underwater sculpture Park is the first of its kind display of contemporary art that can be seen under the Caribbean Sea across the West Coast of Grenada. This magnificent artwork was created by Jason deCaires Taylor, British sculptor and this sculpture for opened to the public in 2006. This was the artist’s wonderful way of engaging people with the underwater world and comprises of more than 500 statues that are made from cement resembling a human form.

3. Ancient Underwater City

Ancient Underwater City
Ancient Underwater City

No, I'm not talking about Atlantis. I'm talking about an underwater city in China's Qiandao Lake. What's unique about this submerged city is that it just recently took the plunge. That's because the lake in which it lives was created by a construction company.

4. Government Meetings

Government Meetings Underwater

Maldives is a hot spot for tourists that is known for its white sand beaches and coral reefs. President Mohammed Nasheed organized an underwater cabinet meeting in Maldives which lasted for 30 minutes and the purpose of this meeting was to discuss the potential dangers of global warming. Dressed in a scuba diving gear, this meeting was held at a depth of 20 feet away from the coast of Male, which is the capital of Maldives. A horseshoe table was used for the meeting and the conversation was carried on using whiteboards and hand gestures.

5. Rivers and Deep Sea Lakes

Rivers and Deep Sea Lakes

A group of cave researchers made this amazing discovery of the existence of underwater river in Mexico that has trees, banks, and leaves that exists amidst just an ordinary river. Actually, this might sound impossible, but it is believed that the river has a combination of salt water and hydrogen sulfide. Compared to the normal salt water, this one is much denser and as a result, it manages to sink at the bottom. This makes it a separate formation that flows like a river. The deep sea lakes found underwater resemble a regular lake with sandy and rocky shores that are made from plenty of mussels. Yet another strange but fascinating fact that has been discovered by the scientists is that these lakes also have waves of their own.

6. Apollo 11 Rocket Engine

Apollo 11 Rocket Engine Underwater

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos funded this research where his team was able to discover rocket engine parts which were from the Apollo 11 landing mission. This amazing discovery was made during 2013 from the Gulf of Mexico near NASA’s Florida launch site. There was considerable corrosion that was found on the engine, due to the fact that it had remained under water for more than four decades.

7. Locomotives

Locomotives Underwater

In 1985, steam locomotives from the 1850s were found at the bottom of the ocean. No one knows how they got there, but it seems like a huge waste of money to me.

8. Underwater Birds

Underwater Birds

Cape Gannets are some of the most amazing birds that can be found underwater, which are often known as missile birds. These birds are capable of diving under water up to the depth of 100 ft at 60 miles per hour. Their chest comprises of air sacs that are like bubble wraps and help them reduce impact underwater. Gannets can be usually found underwater at about 72 feet underneath the ocean’s surface swimming using their wings and feet.

9. A Monument

A Monument Underwater

The Yonaguni Monument stands on the ocean floor off the coast of Japan. It is believed to be around 5,000 years old.

10. World War II Silver

World War II-era silver underwater

This World War II-era silver was discovered by researchers off the coast of Ireland.

This is among one of the bizarre things that were discovered underwater with about 61 tons of silver that were worth approx $36 million was found in the Atlantic Ocean. The British cargo ship that sank during 1941 was believed to have been lost forever but researchers managed to find this huge treasure in just one location that has the world record. About 20% of the silver of the total silver which was on board was located by a team of researchers in the ocean.