Top 15 Cars Driven By Wrestlers

Being part of any wrestling federation like WWE or WCW is one of the most lavish jobs a person can have. As proof, you can often see wrestlers with all the shiny bling, ginormous houses, and stylish rides. Since their paychecks amount to millions of dollars per year, it's easy for them to get their hands on the most awesome cars on the market. Even if they choose basic cars, they also have the capability to customize the cars to their liking. So, they can easily get a simple car and dress it up to make it stand out from the crowd. Meanwhile, some wrestlers opt to get the classics. Since these cars can be rare, they can cost a fortune to purchase. And since they're rare, they're often one of a kind.

If you want to know who among the wrestlers have the sickest rides, read on as we talk about 15 of these muscle men who have cars that are the envy of many. These wrestlers make heads turn not only when they drive their cars on the streets but also sometimes when they bring these rides to work and show them off on TV. They flash them on screen and make fans drool more about their cars than their wrestling matches.

So, let's take a look at the cars of these wrestlers, from Steve Austin to John Cena to Hulk Hogan. With these cars, you might even have an idea what ride to get in the future to make you look macho.

15. Eddie Guerrero's Buick

Among the wrestler cars, the most iconic is the customized Buick owned by the late Eddie Guerrero. His iconic Buick has been adjusted and was popularly called the "Low Rider." This car has appeared in more wrestling matches that you can imagine, making it one of the most popular cars in the wrestling arena. Often, Guerrero would enter a wrestling match riding this Buick. This was an iconic entrance move for the wrestler.

Although this Buick isn't as fancy as most wrestler cars, it's become famous due to its frequency in the wrestling scene. Even if Guerrero has been gone for some many years now, a lot of wrestling fans still remember his iconic entrance riding this Low Rider Buick.

14. Hulk Hogan's 1994 Dodge Viper

The classic wrestler all of us love to see in the ring from way, way back, Hulk Hogan, is a big fan of classic cars. One of his expensive cars that he takes so much pride in is his 1994 Dodge Viper. Customized and colored according to his signature look, the sports car is clad in red and yellow. It's also embellished with lightning all around to give off Hulk Hogan's aura.

Wrestling has really made a huge difference in Hulk Hogan's life. This was where he became known worldwide, and his fat paycheck allowed him to buy all the luxuries such as the Dodge Viper. He's made a mark in many people's lives as the wrestler we followed back in the day. The great thing is, he shows his appreciation through this car that he always drives around in.

13. Stone Cold Steve Austin's Monster Truck

Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the most popular wrestlers in the world. One of his beloved possessions that he still keeps in his ranch in Texas is his customized monster truck. Apparently, this truck is also a symbol of his tight competition against The Rock back in the Attitude Era. Moreover, this truck is a valuable element in Stone Cold Steve Austin's battles in the wrestling ring. This monster truck appeared in many of his fights in the wrestling ring.

Another popular stint of this monster truck took place when Stone Cold Steve Austin used it to hit The Rock in a battle. In another instance, he used this monster truck and rammed it into The Rock's Continental Town Car.

12. Legend Killer's Hummer

A big boy only deserves the right toy, so the Legend Killer (Randy Orton) invested a huge amount of money on his sweet ride, a humongous Hummer 2 Dub. The Legend Killer is not like any other because he had his Hummer customized according to what he wants, which makes it one of a kind. First of all, he equipped this machine with all the features that satisfy him, including a top-of-the-line sound system. The sound it makes certainly gets anyone's attention.

The famed wrestler got this huge car when he was with Ted DiBiase under the Legacy. Although it's been years since the Legend Killer has been out of the Legacy, his Hummer is solid evidence of how much good money wrestlers make.

11. Rey Mysterio's Toyota Tundra

Rey Mysterio is another wrestler who's fond of expensive cars. He's not a basic car enthusiast, which means that even if he buys a car stock, he requires it to undergo customization. One of his best rides in his collection is his custom-built Toyota Tundra truck. This car was designed to be Rey's car for driving daily. He just enjoys driving around town in this big truck. He had the front and the rear of the truck redesigned to give it a more aggressive stance. He also equipped the car with fog lights. He also repainted the car to show off more of his brand.

Aside from this truck, he also owns a big bike that's been customized by fellow wrestler and automotive aficionado Chuck Palumbo.

10. Chuck Palumbo's 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

After his successful stint in wrestling, Chuck Palumbo shifted gears into automobiles. He found his love for cars and motorcycles after leaving the ring. Hence, he started customizing vehicles as a hobby at the start. He even customized a few vehicles for his fellow wrestlers, including Rey Mysterio and Batista. With this, he built his own shop to cater to more car enthusiasts. His love for automobiles has been featured in many shows. This shows that, after wrestling, there's also a brand of success that can be chased and achieved outside the ring.

As a gearhead, Palumbo's most popular car is his 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. He customized his own car to suit his taste, making it a one-of-a-kind Corvette.

9. Batista's BMW 745LI

Earning millions of dollars in wrestling and movie deals, Batista deserves to get the best of the best. Apparently, the former wrestler turned actor is a big fan of luxury cars, especially BMWs. He's a big car enthusiast and is into luxury-car brands. His collection is mostly filled with extravagant rides and classic vehicles. Batista owns a classy BMW 745LI that can make any car fan drool.

Even at the start of his wrestling career, Batista already showed his massive love for classy cars. He got that BMW when he started his stint in WWE. As he started becoming famous, so did his car collection start growing. Even though his BMW 745LI is one of his most prized possessions, he eventually let go of it to get more cars into his collection.


8. Batista's Hummer H2

Batista has big love for big cars. In addition to his collection of luxury cars, including BMW cars, he also has the iconic Hummer H2. For a big guy, he might go on many off-road adventures, and the Hummer H2 is a perfect companion for such trips. His Hummer H2 is one of his most popular cars such that it's been featured in many TV shows and magazine articles as well.

Batista's Hummer H2 is a proof of his success in wrestling and even in the movie industry. He had this car customized to make it a better fit for his personality. He had them place a top-of-the-line sound system inside this car that will just blow you away. Moreover, he had the tires replaced into custom ones to make the car stand out more than it already did.

7. Bill Goldberg's 1970 Ford Mustang

Bill Goldberg may not have been active on the wrestling scene for quite some time now, but at present, the former wrestler enjoys his leisure time with his sweet rides. He's a popular collector of classic cars, and one of his precious possessions is the 1970 Ford Mustang. In the 1990s, Goldberg has made a name in the wrestling scene, which resulted in him earning millions of dollars. Hence, he was able to afford even the expensive classic cars that he desires.

Goldberg's 1970 Ford Mustang has a 780-hp engine underneath. This car is also called the "Lawman." Apparently, this classic car is one of the rarest cars in Goldberg's garage.

6. Bill Goldberg's Shelby Cobra

As we mentioned before, Bill Goldberg is one of the known car enthusiasts in the wrestling world. Another iconic car that's part of his collection is the famous Shelby Cobra. This luxury roadster is an expensive copy of the ultra unique 1965 Shelby Cobra that carries a NASCAR engine. Even though this car is just a copy, Goldberg takes pride in it and boasts that it was built by Birdie Elliot, who's the brother of NASCAR's Bill Elliot aka "Awesome Bill from Dawsonville."

Goldberg really enjoys the attention he gets when he drives his Shelby Cobra, which is why he keeps on driving it despite appearing a bit small for his size. A lot of onlookers stare at it when he drives by.

5. Seth Rollins' Lamborghini

Seth Rollins has really made some serious money in the wrestling scene. As a reward, he invested some of it in his black Lamborghini. Although this wrestler is quite subtle with his lavish way of life and he wants to keep most of his private life private, it's not difficult to spot the great car he's driving. As an added bonus, you'll see a great wrestler driving it.

Often seen in California where the WWE Performance Center is located, Rollins's Lamborghini is the perfect car for the drive from his home in Iowa. At present, Rollins is also busy with his own wrestling school, but he never misses to take some time driving around with his black Lamborghini. When in Iowa, you won't miss this big guy because he drives smoothly in his Lambo, which is so, so cool.

4. John Cena's 1966 Dodge Hemi Charger

A wrestler with guns like John Cena deserves a muscle car like the 1966 Dodge Hemi Charger. The two are a match made in heaven. His huge presence is complemented well by the car's muscular stature. Cena has truly made a fortune in wrestling to afford such an expensive vehicle. Additionally, he also built himself a glorious home in Florida with his wrestling money.

Apparently, Cena is one of wrestling's avid fans of beautiful cars. His garage has been featured in magazines and on TV. Among his priced car collections, the 1966 Dodge Hemi Charger is the most popular. It shows how enamored he is with American muscle cars, and this car is a perfect buddy to him.

3. John Cena's Ford Mustang

John Cena's newest car is the 2007 limited-edition Ford Mustang. As mentioned before, this big guy with big guns only deserves big muscle cars. The limited-edition Mustang is a huge investment for the wrestler, and it's a rare breed of a car because only a thousand ever made it out of production. Apparently, the Mustang is also one of Cena's most favorite vehicles to drive around. Moreover, he likes this car so much because it's proof that Cena has already "made it." He takes pride in this car because it's representative of his admiration for American muscle cars.

Cena continues to add more cars to his collection, but this 2007 limited-edition Ford Mustang might be the best one for a long time.

2. John Cena's Plymouth Superbird

A true blue gearhead, John Cena has a massive car collection. Another car that's part of his collection is the classic Plymouth Superbird. Yeah, wrestling has really made this guy wealthy, and his rides are proof of how much he's worth and more.

Cena's Plymouth Superbird is a rare classic. His car comes in orange, which is easy to spot on the road. The oversized rear spoiler is an added touch to make him easy to spot when he drives it around.

Like most of his cars, which are muscle cars, Cena perfectly embodies his collection. He has the guns to match his rides inside his garage, which include other rides from brands like Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge.

1. The Rock's 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Do you know what The Rock is cooking? Whatever it is, it's definitely amazing because it's given him the money to buy all the luxury muscle cars he likes. One of his most treasured cars is the 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle SS. Yes, we've seen it ride like a bad boy in the movies like from the movie franchise Fast and the Furious, but it's amazing to know that he drives a classic muscle car in real life.

Wrestling has really made The Rock rich, and this has made him able to afford such luxuries in life. Still, he appreciates what he has and drives his most loved Chevy around town. He even drives this car to movie premieres sometimes.