Top 4 Portable TV For Watching On The Go [Amazon]

Everyone is looking for ways to keep watching with the sheer number of TV series to binge-watch today. While most smartphones do the job, it heavily relies on an Internet connection and mobile data.

For people looking for the perfect solution to watching on the go, here are some of the best portable and handheld television units available on Amazon.

This smart portable TV is perfect for your passengers during those long drives. Enjoy relaxing and quality graphics with its 9-inch TFT LCD hi-resolution display. It's ideal for your HD movies and series with its 16:9 aspect ratio.

Top 4 Portable TV For Watching On The Go [Amazon]

Of course, good video requires good audio to accompany it. Thankfully, this Amazon gem has built-in dual stereo speakers. It also offers connectivity to most devices with its five input configuration. Connect with an auxiliary video/ audio source with A/V input, USB port, and micro SD slots ready.

Let your kids or your friends set the program with its intuitive front panel buttons. Seating in the backseat is not even a problem with its battery-powered remote control.

Boasting a digital tuner for ATSC and NTSC in this portable TV, you can now view most local and national channels anywhere in North America. Its 9-inch LCD screen guarantees bright graphics as you watch for up to three hours on a single charge.

Top 4 Portable TV For Watching On The Go [Amazon]

Watch with friends or watch solo with its A/V input jack for external speakers or an earphone jack for your headset. This portable TV, now on Amazon, also makes for the perfect driving companion with its support and removable brackets. It also has a car head pillow bag for easy and safe storage.

Are you looking for a larger screen? Axess's 13-inch LED HDTV makes a bigger space for displaying your favorite shows. Its full-function remote control promises convenience even from the back seat. Its 12V DC car cord can keep your passengers watching for as long as you want to. Also, it has a built-in digital tuner, full ATSC, to get you all the digital channels in your area.

Top 4 Portable TV For Watching On The Go [Amazon]

Its up-to-date physical design also keeps up with today's industry standards. It has built-in HDMI and USB inputs to maintain high-speed and consistent quality data transfer or stream. The Axess 13-inch portable TV fits in any room or limited space with its stand or mounting bracket configurations.

What it lacks in size, it makes up in features. The 7-inch portable widescreen LCD TV, finally available on Amazon, ensures a clear picture as its multiple antenna options get you the best channels available in your place. Aside from analog signals, the TV has built-in digital tuners for ATSC/ NTSC-based.

Top 4 Portable TV For Watching On The Go [Amazon]

A/V jacks, USB, and microSD slots are available to get you started wherever those videos are. It also sports a stereo speaker for the quality sound you need. The package includes a rechargeable Li-Ion battery and an AC/DC adapter for extended use.