Tourist Destination in Florida

Tourist Destination in Florida

Florida is known to be the place where the wishes come true. This state is one of the most visited state of United States of America and the reasons are completely justified. Whether it's amusement park, national parks, forests or beaches, Florida has some top-notch tourist attractions where a visit is worth every penny. You may relax on white-sand beaches of Florida Panhandle or take a sunbath in beaches of coastal cities like Miami. A visit to Florida asks for more visits because of their attraction spots like Daytona 500 NASCAR races and Kennedy Space Center. Florida is the place that can entertain a person of any nature and has variety of amazing experiences to offer. Florida has a longlist of its tourist destinations and you must shortlist the best attractions to make your visit more pleasurable. Moreover, add pleasure to your trip by making your stay comfortable at Radisson Resort at the Port. They have a wonderful comfy experience for theirs guests.

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is the best amusement park for an ultimate experience in Orlando. The majestic Disney World is still glowing and shining even after being visited by millions of tourists over several decades. Along with the magic kingdom, people come here to experience numerous activities in this mega amusement park. The magical Walt Disney World now houses a large list of unique attractions and activities that extends far beyond the conventional theme parks. A visit to Disney World is the best surprise you can give to your children.

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center has been a primary launch center of human spaceflight of NASA. Located in Florida's Space Cost since 1962, this is the place where space exploration was evolved. KSC is also the most interesting, fascinating and education attraction for its visitors whether kids or adults. You will find rockets and space shuttles, the history of space missions on screens and you can also meet the astronauts and learn more about space and its adventures. The offer a very interactive and engaging experience for adults and kids by their interesting displays designed with all ages in mind and exhibition on specific themes.

Universal Studio

Universal Studio tops the list of most visited place in Orlando every now and then. This massive theme park and film studio is a home to one of the most thrilling and fantastic rides. Universal Studio is a huge amusement park offering experience of 3D and 4D rides and they have also recreated sets of famous Hollywood movies and films. The thrilling rides of Universal's Volcano Bay theme park is the newest addition to Universal Studio. The most visited and exciting attraction in Universal Studio is "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" which has Hogwarts Express and Hogsmeade Village.

Miami Beach

If you visit Florida and returned without going to Miami Beach, then you wasted your visit. Lounge on the golden sand at the edge of Atlantic Ocean, take a sunbath and enjoy a sight of beautiful people against blue waters. Miami Beach is one of the world's most visited and crowded beach. You may join a beach party, play some volleyball with locals, dive into water or enjoy the water sports.

Busch Gardens Tampa

This African theme park is of the most popular tourist attraction of Tampa. As a home to all kinds of exotic animals, Tampa takes prides in claiming their Busch Gardens as one of the largest Zoos in the whole of North America. Their Safari style tours are worth taking to see some animals like Giraffes, Zebras, Rhinos and Ostriches roaming here and there. Also lookout for animals like Lions, Tigers, Gorillas, Elephants and much more.