Travel Predictions 2020

It’s that time of year where everyone’s looking to book that dream vacation or even several; be it a sunny break, an adventure full of treks and exploration, the perfect Instagram location or just a quiet scenic trip.

Head to somewhere new and be ahead of the curve with our 2020 travel predictions, highlighting the unexpected must-see places that should be on everyone’s radars.

City Breaks

Tbilisi, Georgia

While Tbilisi has been on the radar of more adventurous city travellers for a while, at WGSN we’re calling 2020 the year that Tbilisi is expected to really become a hit with urbanites globally.

With Tbilisi Fashion Week having already become a key event in the fashion calendar, Tbilisi also hosts one of the world’s most exciting and progressive nightclubs, Bassiani, regularly sporting a line-up of the world’s top electronic music talent. This is coupled with a burgeoning art scene and swelling youth movement – all accessible from London in just over four hours.

Travel Predictions 2020
Mostafa Meraji


Faroe Islands

Situated between the Shetland Islands and Iceland, the Faroe Islands are the key destination for a long weekend adventure in 2020, according to our predictions at WGSN.

Being pitched as the new Iceland, the Faroes pair the immensely Instagrammable landscapes of Iceland with quaint shepherd huts and sleepy fishing towns. Crucially, the Faroes don’t yet have the crowds of tourists its more well-known Icelandic cousin gets.

Travel Predictions 2020
Annie Spratt


For Millennials craving a real digital detox, Mongolia offers the ultimate remote travel experience. The least populated country in the world, Mongolia delivers on vast open space, from the beautiful greens of the steppe to the stunning Gobi desert in the south. Be sure to visit during the Naadam festival in July, when you can witness the country coming together to celebrate with traditional local games.

Travel Predictions 2020
Patrick Schneider


Greek Island – off the beaten track

Local gem Tinos, a boat ride away from glitzy Mykonos, is high on the list of those who seek a more local and authentic Greek island experience in 2020. A summer favourite with young urban Greeks from Athens to Thessaloniki, it delivers on nightlife as much as it does on stunning seafood and coastlines.

For those who are looking for quieter, truly remote island bliss, hop on the Small Cyclades ferry to Koufonisia, where the beaches are stunningly blue and untouched.

Travel Predictions 2020
Matthieu Million



Long overlooked in favour of Tuscany and Cinque Terre, Puglia is not only famous for its charming Trulli – white-washed, dome-shaped stone houses – but especially for its delicious local Italian fare.

From Orecchiette pasta, preferably served with local cime di rape, to sea food straight from the ocean, Puglia delivers the best of Italy at prices half of what you’d expect of the more popular regions of Italy.

Travel Predictions 2020
Kyrylo Balakleiets