Tuna The Chiweenie's Top 5 Places To Be Cute In California

He’s been called an underdog with an overbite, but one should never underestimate Tuna the dog’s superpowers. Those powers prompted his owner to adopt him from an L.A. farmers market in 2010, and subsequently go on to slay social media.

How To Stay In A High-End Timeshare Resort For Dirt Cheap

Your accommodation choice can often dictate your entire vacation experience, it’s the main factor between a mediocre vacation and a truly spectacular one. There’s no greater feeling than when you book your dream suite, villa, or room for a price in your budget.

Carnival Unveils Its Biggest Cruise Ship

Carnival has launched its largest cruise ship to date as part of its AIDA cruises fleet. New ship AIDAnova boasts over 180,000 gross tons and can hold up to 6,600 passengers; which firmly establishes it as the fifth largest cruise ship in the world.

Best Hotels In Las Vegas

Las Vegas can be a great divider of opinion, but if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that there’s nowhere else quite like it. An oasis of excitement in the vast Nevada desert, Las Vegas ably competes with the world capitals for sheer entertainment value per square mile.

19 Best Places In The World To Go Snorkeling

You could visit the aquarium, or watch Finding Nemo for the 100th time, but if it’s amazing underwater adventure you’re after, all you need is a mask, a snorkel and fins—and, of course, the right destination.

Best National Parks In The World

A natural landscape of great beauty. Unaltered by human exploitation or occupation. National parks around the world are some of the most stunning places on earth, rich with remarkable and often rare plant and wildlife, and offering unrivaled scientific, educational, and recreational opportunities.

35 Best Travel Apps For Iphone And Android

Taking a trip abroad used to be easy: all you needed was your plane ticket, passport, phrasebook, some low-cost high-ABV duty-free booze and a suitcase full of alarming loud holiday clothes.