35 Past vs. Present Contrast Photos: what the world's famous sites looked like 100 years ago

That said, the world is changing too fast to remember the excitement of the past, so we have invented literature, painting and now photography to fight against time and forgetfulness...and compared to words and paintings, photographs are more direct and objective records of history, such as the following comparison of the world's famous attractions across decades, or even hundreds of years of the past and present photos, look at the people will have a sense of trance through time...Eiffel during the 1900 Paris Expo

The National Day 72 hours to play Jinhua strategy ③|South has a small Jiuzhai North has a small Great Wall, without leaving home can play the motherland's magnificent mountains and rivers

Tiger Gorge has been known as "Yongkang Small Jiuzhai", with streams, shallows and deep pools all over the gorge, but the most peculiar geological landscape is the "Tiger Footprints", i.e. ancient ice mortar pits, some like dinosaurs, tiger footprints, some like fairy peaches, petroglyphs, which some experts believe were formed by volcanic movements during the Jurassic period hundreds of millions of years ago, which is very peculiar.

Hefei has a "slow train", passing through 18 stations, the whole process takes 26 hours

This time, the reason why I want to write about it, because not long ago, a friend's children, to go to college in the northeast, ride, is this "God's car". The reason is actually very simple, because this is a super slow "slow train", in the growing popularity of high-speed rail, in Hefei, can still find this "slow train", and, or the starting train, is really not simple!