Eighteen Levels of Hell Horror Haunted House, and the Chinese IP is awesome

At present, the domestic theme park, foreign monks good scriptures become mainstream, Disney, Universal Studios and LEGO influence continues to improve, the domestic park every day shouting that there is no good IP, but in fact, Blue Yu culture that we have a deep historical and cultural heritage, the key is not in the IP, but in how to present IP, for example, China Taiwan is quite creative, to create a popular 18 levels of hell, this rich Chinese characteristics, and has an important educational significance of the project, is to have five thousand years of civilization we should be committed to the development of good projects.

Summer travel recommendations! These 10 summer destinations will give you a cool 20°C, so hurry up and make a date for the weekend

In China National Geographic a few years ago, I had seen an aerial photograph taken by photographer Tian Jieyan:The turquoise grassland with water slowly flowing over it, with neat rolling snow peaks on one side of the grassland and a volcanic crater on the other, "an iron-red volcanic cone appears at the foot of the snow-capped mountain, around which are several Kirghiz herders. "

I went to Qingcheng Mountain again to visit a hermit monk living in the mountain, but I didn't expect to have an unexpected encounter

After two months, I came to the Golden Whip Rock in Qingcheng Mountain again. The first time I came here was to visit Master Du, a Taoist practitioner living in seclusion in the mountain, and this time it was the same. I heard from Master Du that he had recently changed his place, because his previous residence was next to many local houses, which was not quiet enough, so he moved to a higher mountain, where he was almost off the beaten track, not disturbed by the outside world, and in a better environment.

The 9 most dominating attractions in China! No foreigners are allowed to enter! What's the secret of these scenic spots?

In China's thousands of tourist attractions in many places because of historical reasons, culture, borders and other issues are prohibited for foreigners to enter, not only that, even some of the scenic geographical location of special places, even if the country is also layers of gate-keeping, many restrictions before you can enter, the following we will look at what attractions are prohibited for foreigners to enter?

Russians put their mouths on Lake Baikal to drink are they really not cold?

In the early morning, I woke up on the train, suddenly found outside the window is a borderless water. At this time the sky is slightly bright, suddenly, the water surface of a large round of red sun into view, as a huge ball of fire, is slowly rising from the lake, the lake reflected a red, the view is magnificent, the heart.

Don't ever eat with a Nayman, I'm serious

In the eyes of many people, Inner Mongolia is poetry and faraway places, where there are the most beautiful grasslands, the most wild horses,. No wonder the rumor on the Internet, never eat with the people of Inner Mongolia than, because is really do not want to go home.

After the May Day "zero", there is not much time left for high-end tourism?

Liu Jianbin, the founder of the ship bar, said frankly, affected by the epidemic, almost all the orders of the Songtsam Peach Blossom Festival in March faced the dilemma of forced cancellation, distributors also suffered heavy losses, and the most expensive cruise ship on the Yangtze River pre-sold on the ship bar - the Yangtze River Explorer sailing time a twist, from March intermittently changed to May, the guests also almost all returned.