Tibet has been a part of China since ancient times! Inventory of the six people who contributed the most to the return of Tibet to the motherland

On the issue of the relationship between Tibet and the motherland, there have been two kinds of statements for a long time, one is "Tibet has been a part of China since ancient times"; the two statements seem to be similar, because the Yuan Dynasty is more than 700 years away, and it can also be called since ancient times, but the two are essentially different, the latter statement is equivalent to saying that before the Yuan Dynasty This is not in line with the historical facts of Chinese history.

Cuenca: The City in the Clouds

As the fields and plantations faded away, the cars headed for Cuenca began to circle the mountains. At first the fog was light, like a green veil, but soon it was so thick that it engulfed the road.

What makes Rainbows a "paradise"?

Through the clouds, in front of the large snow-capped mountains glowing gold, surrounded by dense forests, high and low villages with smoke, and the ringing of crisp bells in your ears, is this what heaven looks like in your mind?

The Starfire Seal - Sinking 66

It was 5:30 in the morning, in the east. At dawn, everyone was up. Withdraw the tent and collect the equipment. Ten minutes later, the head of the donkey while walking and let everyone eat dry food "steamed bun head mountain northeast is the yellow ridge. We can not take a straight line, straight line is some valley gentle terrain, for us too exposed.

Zhejiang, Santorini on a 100 meter cliff! Spending almost 1.5 billion to contract a mountain

WELCOME TO ZHEJIANG, an old building hidden in the mountains and forests of Lishui, Zhejiang Province. A beautiful encounter with clean white between the mid-levels. It took 4 years and nearly 1.5 billion dollars, extraordinary imagination and execution to give new life to an abandoned iron ore mine and its cave, where stunning artistic design and super cool geometric physical space were born...

In Desert River, an illegal state was eliminated

Mohe, located at the northernmost tip of China, is a small city with a high rate of appearance in geography textbooks, and is now a well-known niche tourist city, where tourists come to find the "north" and play in the snow in winter. However, this small city has another special story more than 100 years ago.