Jianghan, Jianghuai, and Jiangnan, the regions in our meteorological geotourism concept, refer to these places in general

The author of this article likes to listen to the radio commentary programs since childhood, there was no Internet or TV at that time, although there were newspapers, but whether it was the People's Daily or Hubei Daily or Yangtze River Daily, it was already ten and a half days later when it reached the readers, and the radio was the only way to learn about new things in the world in a family.

Gansu Min County's special noodles, 8 yuan a bowl of queue to eat, 90-year-old couple can sell 5000 yuan a day

This is the travel diary of small fishermen, walking and stopping to see the world with me. The second stop of our Gansu trip, we arrived in Minxian. Minxian belongs to the jurisdiction of Dingxi City, the transportation location is very advantageous. It is located in the south of Gansu Province, the Tao River, located in Dingxi, Tianshui, Longnan, Gannan geometric center, 212 national highway, 306 provincial highway through the territory, since ancient times it has the reputation of the Long "dry dock".

35 Past vs. Present Contrast Photos: what the world's famous sites looked like 100 years ago

That said, the world is changing too fast to remember the excitement of the past, so we have invented literature, painting and now photography to fight against time and forgetfulness...and compared to words and paintings, photographs are more direct and objective records of history, such as the following comparison of the world's famous attractions across decades, or even hundreds of years of the past and present photos, look at the people will have a sense of trance through time...Eiffel during the 1900 Paris Expo