Where does Allstate get the nerve to desperately compete for historical and cultural symbols from surrounding counties?

In recent years, in order to develop local tourism, Quanzhou County has allowed local self-publishers and local literature and history enthusiasts to "create something out of nothing" in individual media and on the Internet, making a big fuss about "the ancient zero ling is in Quanzhou", "Quanzhou was called Xiang Yuan County in ancient times Because it is located at the source of Xiangjiang River", "Quanzhou Jiu Doubtful Mountain is in Daxijiang Town", "Shun is buried in Quanzhou", "Sunhuang Mountain is the boundary mountain between Dong'an and Quanzhou" The heresies such as "Dongan and Jeonju share the great temple of Emperor Shun at the mouth of Dongan Damiao" and so on, and spent a huge amount of money to build a giant statue of Emperor Shun in the new district of Jeonju, which is the tallest and largest in the country, and under the base of the seat, the eight false words "Emperor Shun was buried in Jeonju after his death" were carved. The people of Quanzhou also made an international joke, saying that "six of Liu Zongyuan's Eight Records of Yongzhou were written about Quanzhou".

10 Chinese prefecture-level cities without even a mountain, the highest altitude of less than 80 meters, there is your hometown

China is a mountainous country, including hills, the mountainous area, accounting for two-thirds of the country's land area, there are many cities built in three-dimensional landscape, surrounded by mountains, forming a unique urban landscape, and is known as the mountain city, there are also many cities built between the plains and hills, and the only exception is the following ten prefecture-level cities, where there is not even a mountain, called a flat river, which is your hometown?

After traveling to Qinhuangdao in Hebei, I'd like to talk about a few of my travel impressions of Qinhuangdao

Qinhuangdao is located in the northeast of Hebei Province, near the Bohai Sea, is a beautiful coastal city, but also the back garden of the people of Beijing and Tianjin. I like history in order to visit the Shanhaiguan, the famous Qinhuangdao, just a few days of Qinhuangdao trip, visited a number of scenic spots in Qinhuangdao, the city is very much like, this is a beautiful low-key tourist city, the following I will talk about a few travel impressions of Qinhuangdao.