Travelling with Dogs Easily

Travelling with Dogs Easily

Travelling with dogs in the car is a little bit challenging. They cry, they bark and sometimes throw up. However there are some tips how you can travel with your dog while driving.

Start slow

If you want your dog to be comfortable inside your car make sure to take it slow. Let your dog become familiar with your car. You can put her inside while the engine is off and play with her. Let your pet relax inside. As much as possible do it often.

Mark the area

Riding a car can make your pet agitated. One of the best things to do is make a routine and establish a seat for your dog days before you travel. If possible, give her a comfortable cushion where she can lie and relax. While driving, make sure you make an eye to contact with your dog.

Protect your dog

Before you travel with your pet, make sure she is safe and protected. By doing this you can avoid accidents while on the road and keep you and your dog from getting hurt. You can try to use special belt and dog carrier too.

Take breaks

If you’re on a long car trip, your dog will feel stress and restless. Short breaks on a trip are a must. This will give your pet a chance to run and play. Don’t forget to offer water to your pet at every break.

Exiting the car

If it’s time to leave the car you have to be the first one to exit first. Go to the door nearest to your pet and let him exit the door.

By doing this, you maintain control even outside of the car. Another thing, don’t forget to bring the dog leash.

Give food in moderation

Don’t starve your dog before you travel. However, don’t over feed her because she might throw-up inside the car. You can give her some food along the way. There are some dogs that get sick in the car just like other kids.