Treatment Of Bipolar Disorder At Harmony Place Monterey

Treatment Of Bipolar Disorder At Harmony Place Monterey

Bipolar disorder is a mental condition that is usually marked by extreme changes in mood swings such as maniac behavior and sometimes depression. Unlike the misconception of the rarity of this condition, it is estimated that one in every five individuals suffers this condition. A person suffering from this condition portrays various symptoms such as depression, mania, and hypomania. According to Harmony Place Dr. Schwartz during the mania episodes, the patient may engage in other behavior such as unprotected sex, use of the drug as well as going on a spending spree. Unlike mania, hypomania reaction usually includes episodes of normalcy and one may not see clearly, but sometimes the mood changes may be seen. During the depression, the person feels typically hopeless, sad, and energy loss.

Harmony Place Mark Schwartz has been equally diagnosed among men and women with bipolar. However, the symptoms differ significantly according to gender. In the female, it is common in their 20s and 30s. Other symptoms include four or more manic episodes in a year. Anxiety, obesity, and thyroid diseases are also common. In the male, the diagnosis is usually early in life, very extreme manic episodes, and acts typically out. They also tend to abuse drugs. Most of the victims of this condition, especially men die of suicide since they are never as quick as women in seeking medical help.

Diagnosing this condition in children has often been controversial since their symptoms are not the same as those in adults. Another disorder such as attention deficit hyperreactivity disorder which is very common in children has similar symptoms. However, those that are indeed suffering maniac disorder suffer symptoms such as being overly happy, speaking fast, then followed by an episode of hypomania and depression.

Types of bipolar disorder as explained by Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Place


Minor symptoms of depression and hypomania characterize this. These symptoms are usually shorter, and those are suffering this type of bipolar experience a once or twice month stability in their moods.

Bipolar 1

This has been found to affect males and females equally. It is characterized by the emergence of one manic episode which may be followed by a major depressive episode and a hypomania condition.

Bipolar 2

This is characterized by a major depressive disorder that may last for about two weeks, followed by one hypomanic incident that may last for about four days.

Major causes

Abnormalities in the brain

Any abnormality in the brain structure may increase the risk of developing this condition.


It is believed that there are high chances of one developing the condition if some of their family members have been diagnosed with this condition.

Environmental factor

Other factors such as traumatic experience, stressful situations, and physical illness may also contribute to the development of maniac depression.


It is important to seek medical attention at Harmony Place Monterey early enough to avoid complications that may be brought by the illness at an advanced stage. When the first symptoms of hyperactivity, anxiety, and hypersexuality behavior appear, come to us, we will help you.

At Harmony Place Monterey, mania depression is treated just like other chronic diseases which when not diagnosed early enough may become complicated. We try our best to remove the stigma about mental health and medication.

Proper medication such as a combination of a mood stabilizer, lithium, and anti-seizure drug or MAO in the right amount is key treatment. We do not do try and error as our drugs have been tested and found to be very efficient. Our serene facility ensures that an individual is enrolled in an effective and comfortable program as we figure out the right combination for them.

Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Place and his team analyze an individual for drug dependency, sexual addictions, among others to unmask all the underlying bipolar disorder symptoms. Not only do we offer psychotherapy and psychoeducation, but they also involve members of the family in the treatment process. We teach individuals to manage stressful conditions so that the likelihood of another episode is reduced. Our team of psychiatrists ensures a rational approach in their treatment through an understanding of each drug.

Through our programs that are spearheaded by Harmony Place Dr. Schwartz, families with bipolar disorder patients get to benefit through learning about the disease and the misconceptions around it.