Truth About Ellen Degeneres, Portia De Rossi’s ‘Crumbling’ Marriage

Truth About Ellen Degeneres, Portia De Rossi’s ‘Crumbling’ Marriage
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A blog is alleging that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s marriage is “crumbling” amid the spouses of 10 years living “separate lives.” The story is completely untrue. can confirm that the happy couple is going strong.

According to RadarOnline, however, the talk show host “has been in a slump lately,” and it’s because she and her wife are having major problems at home. An alleged insider tells the website that DeGeneres won’t even discuss her wife when she’s at work. Meanwhile, de Rossi is “at her wit’s end,” says the outlet’s so-called “source,” who adds, “As much as they try to deny any problems, it’s pretty clear they’re leading separate lives.”

The blog’s vague article, which was also posted on the National Enquirer’s website, lacks any specific details about the couple’s alleged marital issues. The unreliable outlet never bothers to mention what DeGeneres and de Rossi’s supposed problems even entail. Still, checked in with a source close to the talk show host, who wasn’t able to speak on the record, but assures us the split rumors are both “ridiculous” and “false on every count.”

The site also fails to mention that de Rossi appeared on DeGeneres’ talk show less than a month ago. Despite the blog maintaining that the TV host won’t talk about her wife at work, she invited her on the show just a few weeks back, so the claim is clearly baseless. Earlier this month, de Rossi traveled with DeGeneres to Canada, where the talk show host performed two special shows in Toronto and Montreal. The couple shared several behind-the-scenes photos and videos from the trip on their respective Instagram pages.

Just last month, busted RadarOnline for falsely claiming DeGeneres was “plotting a split in secret” from her wife. Our DeGeneres insider assured us at the time the claim was untrue. Less than one week later, de Rossi appeared on her wife’s TV show. The blog clearly has zero insight into the status of the couple’s marriage, which continues going strong as they approach their 11th anniversary in August.

The outlet also wrongly reported back in February 2017 that DeGeneres and de Rossi were headed for a divorce. For whatever reason, the website insists on trying to break up the happy spouses. The couple’s social media pages are filled with evidence that their marriage is as strong as it’s ever been. There’s absolutely zero evidence out there suggesting otherwise. The blog’s ongoing narrative about the couple’s relationship is simply false and unfounded.