Try This Outdoor Date Idea Based On Your Zodiac Sign For An Exhilarating Time

Try This Outdoor Date Idea Based On Your Zodiac Sign For An Exhilarating Time

Want to know the trick to making a good date even better? Take it to the great outdoors. In all seriousness, outdoor activities kick the fun up a notch, especially when the weather is nice and you can take advantage of the fresh air. Some of my favorite memories of dates involve picnics on the lawn, hikes through the woods, and eating ice cream as it dripped down my fingers on a hot summer afternoon. The outdoor date options based on your zodiac sign are basically endless.

When you think of outdoor dates, your mind might immediately go toward athletic pursuits like hiking or biking, which arent everyones cup of tea. But in reality, you can do so many things outdoors including being super chill and lazy together. (Can I get a praise hands emoji?) Whatever floats your boat, theres an outdoor date idea with your name on it. And if you want to figure out which one you should try, look no further than your own birth chart.

As you plan your next date, use your zodiac sign as a guide for what you and your partner should do together. With a little creativity and a sense of adventure, you can shake up your normal routine and plan something youll both remember for a long time. Get out there and have fun!


Aries: Outdoor Carnival

Try This Outdoor Date Idea Based On Your Zodiac Sign For An Exhilarating Time

Youre loud and proud, and nothing sounds more fun to you than riding roller-coasters and competing to win prizes at the carnival booths. For some people, amusement parks are overwhelming, but for an Aries, theyre just the right amount of chaos. Now, where's the line for funnel cakes?

Taurus: Glamping

Taureans want to be treated to the finer things in life. While camping in a tent probably doesnt appeal to you, you can get totally on board with camping in a cozy cabin or secluded resort spot. It will allow you to indulge your love for material pleasures, and also to spend some serious quality time with your boo.

Gemini: Explore A New City

Youre always on the move, so the idea of traveling to a new city with your SO (even if its just for a day) is thrilling for you. Walk through the streets, get a taste of the local food scene, and maybe even meet a few locals you know youll be the first to chat with everyone you see.

Cancer: Outdoor Movie

Try This Outdoor Date Idea Based On Your Zodiac Sign For An Exhilarating Time

Honestly, Cancer, you just want to cuddle. Is it possible to do that in an outdoor location? At an open air movie, its totally acceptable to get close and personal. You can keep it chill and enjoy an evening out of the house its fun to switch things up!

Leo: Sports Game

Competition is your thing, as is any activity that allows you to be a little extra. At a sporting event, you can shout your heart out in support of your team. Even if youre not a sports fan, its fun to get caught up in the excitement and crowds of a stadium.

Virgo: Picnic

Its all in the details for a Virgo. You enjoy putting together a date with precision and care, and when you pack a picnic, you wont forget the practical items like silverware or napkins. A picnic is old-fashioned, romantic, and sweet, and you can spend an evening in quiet conversation about the things that matter most to you.

Libra: Stargazing

Try This Outdoor Date Idea Based On Your Zodiac Sign For An Exhilarating Time

Who better to go stargazing than a Libra, a sign that is all about aesthetic beauty and finery? Youll be swept up in the magic of the night sky, and it might just inspire your next great artistic pursuit. Who says beautiful things have to cost a pretty penny?

Scorpio: Whitewater Rafting

You like to keep it fresh, and youre not afraid to try something risky. Head to your nearest river for a day of rafting and water sports. Since you never do anything halfway, youll be ready to commit to even the scariest parts of the adventure.

Sagittarius: Hiking

Nothing makes you happier than feeling free and connected to nature. Hiking gets you out of your head and allows you to see and experience the world, and when your partner does this with you, it helps you feel connected to them.

Capricorn: Farmer's Market

Try This Outdoor Date Idea Based On Your Zodiac Sign For An Exhilarating Time

Since youre deeply rooted in practicality, a farmers market date serves the dual purpose of spending time together and shopping for items you might need. Havent done your grocery trip for the week? Pick up some farmers market goodies while also enjoying a day with your SO.

Aquarius: Rock Climbing

You are deeply analytical and love a good challenge, so the idea of rock climbing really appeals to you. You can focus your mind on each step while you work to accomplish the goal. Plus, once you and your partner both make it to the top, youll have plenty of reasons to celebrate.

Pisces: Beach Day

Pisces is the sign of the fish, so its no surprise that you love to be near water. Spend your day chilling on the sand with a good book or swimming in the waves together. If its hot outside, you can cool off with an ice cream or cold drink once youre done with the sunshine.

Take advantage of the outdoor offerings wherever you live, and change it up to suit the mood. No matter the weather, you can find a way to enjoy time outside together and embrace new adventures as a couple. It's always the season for a memorable outing with your boo.