Tuna The Chiweenie's Top 5 Places To Be Cute In California

He’s been called an underdog with an overbite, but one should never underestimate Tuna the dog’s superpowers.

Those powers prompted his owner to adopt him from an L.A. farmers market in 2010, and subsequently go on to slay social media — with more than 1 million following his Instagram page (including Lady Gaga) and 85,600 more following another handle dedicated to his travels across the U.S. and U.K.

To be Tuna is to frequently jet set to decadent hotels, doing things that people only dream of, such as reading a newspaper on a cozy deck chair at a swanky spot in Sedona’s Red Rock Country or soaking up the sun in a wigwam situated on the sands of Puerto Rico’s Dorado Beach.

Fancy-pants lifestyle aside, the Chiweenie will always hold his West Coast roots dear. “Tuna is a California baby through and through, mainly because he loves to be warm,” his owner Courtney Dasher tells Us Weekly. “Southern California really is a year-round destination for guaranteed great weather, especially when your pup loves to be outside enjoying the sun as much as Tuna does.”

Scroll down to read all about the dog’s favorite Golden State hangouts in Us’ VIPet Scene series.

Laurel Canyon Dog Park

It’s no wonder that Tuna and a slew of celebrities frequent this Los Angeles dog park. The sprawling spot is ideal for exercise and the scenery, well, it’s really something special.

“I have been taking Tuna to this awesome dog park since he was a pup, and continue to every time we are in L.A.,” says Dasher. “It’s tucked away in a canyon up in the Hollywood Hills, off of Mulholland Drive, and offers spectacular views of the surrounding area.”

You might call it a miracle that this gem hasn’t become overcrowded. “Although a lot of dogs, including entire rescue packs, come here to exercise, it’s never too crowded because the park is an open 3-acre, fenced-in field with plenty of room for your dog to run around, off-leash!" she adds. "Plus the park is open from sunrise to sunset daily!”

Credit: @tunameltsmyheart


Maybe it’s the sea-dweller name that affords Tuna special treatment when he steps foot in this pet-friendly chain that serves up Hawaiian-inspired poke (think sushi but in a bowl) with a California twist.

“This delicious and affordable, create-your-own poke restaurant offers many convenient locations throughout L.A., including Santa Monica, Venice Beach and Downtown,” she says. “The menu is exceptionally refreshing and filling for both you and your pup, as they can also serve up mini-sized creations for them to snack on, too. You just need to ask for that and they’ll gladly make it!”

Credit: @tunameltsmyheart

Ray's Stark Bar

For a brunch that’s something to bark about, there’s only one choice for this pup. Located at the renown Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) it just makes sense that Ray’s would add a certain artistic flair to their canine menu, which is available on Saturdays and Sundays, and features items such as pizza crust and steamed chicken and broccoli.

“Its brilliant ‘Barky Brunch’ concept spoils your pup with creative and healthy food and drink options for them,” says Dasher. “Don’t worry, though, you won’t go hungry because they also offer an incredible brunch menu for you too!”

Credit: @tunameltsmyheart

Arroyo Burro Beach Park

Tuna wouldn’t be Tuna if he didn’t explore his surroundings — and that’s probably thanks in part to his owner. “Someone once told me that ‘The key to staying in L.A. is to leave L.A.,’” she says. “So, one of our favorite places to visit over the years is the idyllic beach town of Santa Barbara.”

When they need a breather, they venture two hours north of Los Angeles along the Pacific coastline to Arroyo Burro Beach (a.k.a. Hendry’s Beach by the locals). “It’s the perfect place to escape the busy city,” Dasher says. “Surprisingly there are not a lot of off-leash beaches in L.A., so every time we are in Santa Barbara, we purposefully stop here so that Tuna can run around wild and free with all of his furry beach buddies.”

Credit: @tunameltsmyheart

Ace Hotel & Swim Club Palm Springs

When you’re a traveling Instagram star, R & R are definitely required activities. If both of those things take place poolside, that’s a bonus!

“The Ace hotel brand has proven many times over to be very pet-friendly, but in particular, the Ace Palm Springs location is a sanctuary for your pup to relax,” says Dasher of the destination which is two hours east of L.A. “The expansive property is mainly outdoor focused so there is plenty of space for your dog to run around, and the poolside is also pet-friendly, which is not very common in most hotel pool settings.”

Credit: @tunameltsmyheart