Turmeric, 'The Golden Spice' is 1 of the Most Beneficial Spices in World

Turmeric, 'The Golden Spice' is 1 of the Most Beneficial Spices in World

Turmeric, known as ‘The Golden Spice of Life’ is of the most beneficial spices in the culinary world. It is due to the astounding amounts of curcumin it contains, its principal bioactive component.

According to a Y 2017 study published in the journal Foods, curcumin contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties since ancient times known to assist in alleviating arthritis, metabolic syndrome and hyperlipidemia.

This spice can be added to numerous recipes to boost both the flavor and the nutritional content, but 1 of the easiest ways to add turmeric into your diet is by brewing turmeric tea.

Turmeric is available in the market as fresh root, turmeric tea bags or as powder, all of which can be used to brew tea. Opting for fresh turmeric root allows you to extract as many nutrients as you can.

Aside from being a soothing drink, turmeric tea offers numerous healthy components and nutrients. Drinking turmeric tea provides lots of health benefits, some of which are included in the following:

  • Helps alleviate symptoms of osteoarthritis — According to a Y 2017 study from the Journal Of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, turmeric-containing products were found to significantly improve pain, stiffness and functionality difficulties in patients with osteoarthritis. A Y 2016 study from Drug Design, Development and Therapy showed that curcuminoids and curcumin extracts helped alleviate pain and improved both physical function and quality of life.
  • May help improve behavioral symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia — A Y 2012 study found that the daily administration of turmeric to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia patients helped reduce irritability, agitation, anxiety, apathy and other Alzheimer’s disease symptoms.
  • Provides an immune system boost — According to a Y 2018 study from the Journal of Cellular Physiology, curcumin affects numerous immune cells, including natural killer cells and B lymphocytes, supporting the body against immune system-related diseases.

As a spice, turmeric offers some of the most impressive health components, and the increasing availability of it in the market is making it easier for people to reap its benefits. So, no surprise that turmeric tea offers the same health advantages.

If you are trying to live a healthier life, adding turmeric tea to your daily routine would be a great idea, and note that it contains no caffeine.

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