U.S. rate hike boots on the ground, in line with expectations, and the market picks up in the aftermath?

Did a lot of people stay up late last night waiting for news of the Fed rate hike? I'm sure it wasn't me. Beauty sleep is much more important to me than the price of the currency. Last night it was estimated that many people in the coin circle had a hard time sleeping. After many years of the coin circle becoming more and more international, the first time they faced the Fed's interest rate hike, also as everyone expected, a 25 basis point hike, a total of 7 times this year, the bottom rate is calculated to be 1.89%, to the end of 2023, the bottom rate is 2.8%.


At 2:00 p.m. EST on the 16th and 2:00 a.m. BST on the 17th, the Fed's two-day March rate meeting ended.

The conclusion is that a 25 basis point rate hike will take effect from the 17th. The federal rate was raised from 0-0.25% to a range of 0.25-0.5%. This is the Fed's first rate hike since December 2018.

It marks a reversal of the super-loose monetary policy adopted by the Federal Reserve after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic and helps to cool down inflation.

Historically most rate hikes are just a prelude to what is more severe than a rate hike is the possibility of tapering in May! Powell said that tapering will be back soon, and that the tapering plan will be announced at the earliest May rate meeting, a statement worth paying attention to. the date of the May Fed meeting is the 3rd to the 4th.

However, it may be delayed until June or July. The timing of quantitative tightening will be adjusted based on macro and geopolitical uncertainties as well as market conditions and liquidity.

Analysts believe that there is uncertainty about the direction of the Fed's monetary policy and that it could become more aggressive. Some brokers suggest continuing to reduce equity holdings in portfolios.

After the release of the Federal Reserve's rate hike signal early this morning, the rate hike was in line with the expected impact, and the stock and currency markets were screaming across the board. Bitcoin short-term first down and then up, amplitude from down to $39,343 back to $41,471, a new high in the last three days, after maintaining a narrow oscillation trend so far, the current offer $41,071, up more than 1%. Now bitcoin is has broken through $40,000 and oscillating here, whether it will launch a bull market is unknown, but in the volatile world situation, giving bitcoin unprecedented opportunities, regardless of how the world perceives it, it has come to the forefront.


The author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" predicts the end of the dollar's status.

He believes the Russia-Ukraine war has given rise to cryptocurrencies, making them a safer haven than fiat currencies.

He predicted that the U.S. government would regulate the cryptocurrency space and then launch the "Federal Reserve Cryptocurrency.

The US REIT is now accepting cryptocurrency payments for shares through BitPay's partnership, with support for BTC, BCH, DOGE, ETH, LTC and SHIB, as well as five stablecoins pegged to the US dollar.

Terra outlined plans to accumulate up to $10 billion worth of bitcoin to increase the project's stablecoin reserve. These funds will be used to support short-term UST redemptions and decentralized foreign exchange reserves. The exact details are not yet clear and more information will be announced soon.

Kwon said they are already buying bitcoin and that its stable coin, TerraUSD (UST), if backed by more than $10 billion in bitcoin reserves, would "usher in a new era of bitcoin-standard currency. He added, "Peer-to-peer electronic cash is easier to spend and more attractive to hold."

This year's biggest shortcomings - interest rate thunderbolt finally boots on the ground for the time being, is also a good thing, at least the two months do not have to tangle every day. That

In fact, there is currently a negative news also eased some, that is, the Russian-Ukrainian geopolitical situation. It is said that the real reason for the market stabilization this time is the stabilization of the situation in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. There is also the East-West consultation on Chinese stocks, and the setting of the domestic financial committee meeting.

China's State Council Financial Stability Development Committee held a special meeting on the 16th, releasing positive signals that significantly boosted market risk appetite and sent stocks sharply higher.

Market concerns about the Russia-Ukraine conflict were eased as both Russia and Ukraine released optimistic signals on the prospect of peace talks. Russia and Ukraine are said to have drawn up a draft peace agreement. Although it is only a draft and may still be some time away from actual implementation, it is still more or less a glimpse of peace.


Founder Williams proposes to accelerate the end of the Russia-Ukraine conflict through smart contracts and cryptocurrency rewards worth $250 million.

The idea he presented on March 16 focused on countering propaganda by informing the Russian public about the reality of what is actually happening in Ukraine and then in turn spurring them to put pressure on the government to stop the conflict. Cryptocurrency rewards for assets such as bitcoin and ethereum could be utilized.


Portuguese on-chain crypto payments company Utrust has been licensed by the Central Bank of Portugal to operate as a virtual asset service provider, which allows the company to also offer its services in Portugal and other countries in the European Union.

Utrust was awarded the only full category license authorized by the Bank of Portugal to date.

Three Arrows Capital's address (0x4862733B5FdDFd35f35ea8CCf08F5045e57388B3) increased its stake by 40,500 ETH worth $112.00M in the last 9 hours.

To my current knowledge, I can't think of anything more positive than the Fed's rate hike has landed and the Russia-Ukraine conflict has eased a bit, so there are quite a lot of good things going on at the moment, so let's see what the market gives in response, and it's best not to have any more inexplicable black swans.

(For reference only and does not constitute investment advice)

U.S. rate hike boots on the ground, in line with expectations, and the market picks up in the aftermath?