Unbelievable ~ 15 Of The Most Terrifying Animals You Never Knew About!!!

This world is so beautiful, but there are a lot of things we don’t really know about.

We hate everything that scares us and love everything that make us smile. A lot of us are afraid of spiders and snakes, different lizards and even birds.

For some reason nature made all us equal, and the only way we dislike these creatures is because of our misunderstanding the creatures! Of course these animals have nothing in common with your lovely cats and dogs, but some of them are pretty cool and cute. Wait a minute, did you know that some of them can easily kill you?

View this marvelous gallery to see the most terrifying animals you never knew about.

By the way watch your favorite cartoon after seeing these shots to erase your bad memories, because they will haunt your nightmares.

1. Coconut Crab

Also known as palm thief and not without a reason, it’s the largest land-living arthropod in the world, up to 1 m long. Scientist can’t prove are they dangerous or not. They live in underground burrows and eat coconuts, these land based crabs are really unique. Tropical or Pacific Islands are their home.

2. Honey Pot Ant

They can store large amounts of nutrients in their bodies, so basically they are like living refrigerators. You can find them in the Deserts of Arizona or New Mexico. They belong to a special caste of ants and their main role to get fat as possible. Spoze they eat pizza and drink beer?

3. Star Nosed Mole

It looks really weird something like a rat with hairy nose, straight from your nightmares.

They have more than 25,000 sensory receptors, that’s why they can easily find a way in an underground lair. Its nose can smell everything, at the same time it looks pretty freek’en ugly.

4. Wolf Fish

This fish lives in cool Atlantic water. A Lot of people call it the ‘devil fish’, because nobody wants to meet it face to face. These creatures can reach 1 m in length and their weight is up to 40 kg. Tropical climate is their natural place of living. Sometimes they can be really aggressive, fishermen are the easiest target for them.

5. Naked Mole Rat

These hairless rats about 33 cm long, look like naked rats. They live in colonies with the queen (kinda like Prince Phillip). There are different types of rat moles. They can live below sea level or high in the mountains. They spend most of their lives in burrows and their sensitive hairs help them to feel their way through life.

6. Poodle Moth

This guy was discovered in 2009 and it looks like a creepy sister of the butterfly. It came from Venezuela, but lives in Antarctica. These cuddly boys has soft hair that prevents them from losing too much body heat.

7. Chinese Giant Salamander

The largest salamander in the world, it reaches up to 1.8 m in length. These amphibia are really special and they are grandchildren of the dinosaur era, very relic animals, really. Their eyes have no eyelids that’s why they have poor vision. They are a delicious treat in China. The sound of their cry will remind you of human babies. Also there are a lot of myths about this wild creatures. They live in cold lakes and mountain streams.

8. Goblin Shark

They can be found in the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean and along The Gulf Of Mexico.

This fish is like the underwater vampire, because it hates sunlight. They feel absolutely comfortable in the deep cold water and they don’t want to be bothered or exposed (kinda like me on the weekends).

When they attack, their jaws go out, just like a human can shove out its tongue

9. Blowfish or Fugu

It can kill everyone who will eat it. Crazy!

Most of them are harmless, but in some case toxins that are inside this fish can get you high till it paralyzes you or you lose consciousness. The Japanese call this fish ‘the fish of Death’. It’s a delicacy but it’s a real crap shoot munching down on it. This potentially lethal meal can cost you a few hundreds dollars. It takes your money before it kills you

10. The Giant Isopod

The most impressive ocean inhabitant you’ve ever seen. It’s the largest crustacean on the planet. They live everywhere in the ocean, and its giant size is the tendency of deep sea animals that grow freely without preditors. These monsters can be used for any blockbuster movie. Their real size is up to 36 cm.

They appeared on this planet more than 160 million years ago! Wow! They can survive without any food, but at the same time they eat both dead and living animals. Not picky at all!

11. Frilled Shark

You will see these sharks near Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, West Africa, Chile.

They have quite a strange mouth, because it’s the biggest part of their head. Its primitive body expresses its prehistoric origins. They appeared more than 80 million years ago. Its mouth with needle-like teeth scares people to death, and this is not a joke. Watch out!

12. Cyclops Shark

This shark was discovered off the coast of Baja California Sur, Mexico. This albino shark is very rar. The Cyclop Shark is kinda friendly and doesn’t seem to be aggressive. This shark is going to be the next cartoon character.

13. Goliath Tigerfish

These guys live in Africa and the biggest one was about 5 m long and weighed 154 pounds. This fish fears nothing and can attack every single person. Even a crocodile is not a big deal to it. This fish is tough and it likes to kill. Everyone who wants to catch it, have all chances to turn the fishing into safari, bruh! This killing machine has very strong teeth, one bite and your life is on the line.

14. Lobster Moth Caterpillar

This furry moth is distributed in the southern part of Britain, Europe and sometimes in Asia. They live on beech leaves, oak and a few other trees parts. It looks like a big lobster and this is one of the most extraordinary creatures in the world. Absolutely harmless and beautiful.

15. Wrinkle-Faced Bat

The oddest looking bat, it can be found in Central America. These brownish creatures have no tail. Males can use their skin flaps to cover their faces. They have stronger bite than other bats, and they can eat more fruits and store them in their mouth. In spite their cuteness, people are afraid of them. These creepy creatures will make you tremble if you meet them at night time.