Using Essential Oils For Dryer Balls

Using Essential Oils For Dryer Balls
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Wool dryer balls are interesting and pretty unique that makes using a dryer for laundry very easy. If you want to keep the softness and brightness of your clothes intact, then there's nothing better than these small wonders. These help in drying up your clothes really fast, and you can also add a lovely fragrance with favorite essential oils so that your clothes come out of the dryer all fragrant and soft.

Wool essential oil dryer balls are known for their longevity and benefits in minimizing the harsh effects of chemicals that are added in artificial fabric conditioners. So how do you use essential oils for your dryer balls?

Well, it is really easy and you can make your mundane washing regime fun and exciting, by experimenting with dryer balls and essential oils. However, be careful, do not use too much essential oil else it can give rise to a dryer fire. To be on the safe side, always wait till your laundry has completely dried up. After it dries up you can add very little, say two to three drops of any essential oil, and again run your laundry but this time you must be careful to run the load on a no-heat setting.

Let us find out the 3 easiest methods to add a lovely scent to your laundry.

First Method - Pour three to four drops of essential oil onto the dryer balls and then dry the balls. After the balls dry up just simply put the balls in the dryer along with clothes. Now, suppose you are in a hurry, you can put the balls inside the load immediately after adding the essential oil but then the dryer balls won't be able to retain the aroma, rather your clothes will completely absorb the oil.

Second Method - You can use cotton balls, just add a few drops of essential oils onto the cotton balls and place them in a fabric pouch. Close the pouch and put it with your clothes in the dryer. The interesting fact is; you can easily store the cotton balls infused with essential oil for many days and use them whenever you need them.

Third Method - You can also club all the complementary essences by putting one to two drops of each onto the dryer balls. Stronger the smell, better the performance, as you can use the balls in two to three cycles back to back. Suppose you add too much of essential oil by mistake, don't be too worried, you can add the ball to a load containing some towels or fabrics that will absorb the oil properly. In fact, you can keep the ball for some time in the open, the ball will absorb some of the essential oil and the rest will get vaporized, then you can use the ball to run your load.

Hundred percent pure organic essential oils are easily available in the market. You can also buy them online from many reliable websites.