[VIRAL] Eiffel Tower Reopens; Here's Why You May NOT Like to Visit, Especially if You Hate Taking Stairs

On June 25, one of the most visited tourist spots in the world, Eiffel Tower, will start reopening since coronavirus lockdown. This establishment has become the most romantic place for a wedding photoshoot, proposal, or just for dating. However, due to its new regulations, you might not want to visit Eiffel Tower with your special someone, especially if you're not that fit for any physical activities. Here's why.

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[VIRAL] Eiffel Tower Reopens; Here's Why You May NOT Like to Visit, Especially if You Hate Taking Stairs

(Photo : Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash )

Express UK reported this week that starting on June 25, Paris' Eiffel Tower-- the famous and romantic place for couples-- will be reopening for tourists and visitors.

Of course, just like any other public establishments, Eiffel Tower will be having new regulations once you enter the building. Necessary social distancing and regular washing of hands are highly-advised to all future visitors. Here's where it gets interesting.

Since social distancing is needed and closed areas with few people are not encouraged, elevators' usage will not be open starting June 25. So, how can people get on top, you ask? Unfortunately, you need to take stairs to reach the top.

Eiffel Tower needs you to climb over 1,000 steps before reaching the top

[VIRAL] Eiffel Tower Reopens; Here's Why You May NOT Like to Visit, Especially if You Hate Taking Stairs

(Photo : Photo by Yovan Verma on Unsplash)

Eiffel Tower, though not the highest tower building in the world, is considered too high for persons to climb at.

The building has a height of 324 meters if the flagpole will be counted in height. It nearly reaches the height of Malaysia's Petronas Twin Towers.

This means that if you're going to use the stairs to climb up to the Eiffel Tower, you will need to make 1,665 stairs before reaching the top. And that's a lot.

However, here's another thing to think about before visiting the Eiffel Tower. Not all people are advised to visit the place, especially if you're not physically fit person.

Not only that, but the management of the tower also said that people that will be visiting the place would only get to the second floor of the building-- due to other regulations prohibiting groups of people in one area.

But when July 1 comes, the elevator will soon be opened to cater visitors. Though, management said that tourists should expect long queues since elevators will only be allowing few people inside.

"To attract people, the most important thing is that security measures are taken, and that's why we're promoting safe distances," said Patrick Branco Ruivo, director of the Eiffel Tower's operating company.

France reopens for public

As of now, the French government already reopened most of its public establishments like bars, restaurants, and such. Schools in Paris are also advised to reopen last May.

France recorded over nearly 30,000 deaths due to Coronavirus. And over 150,000 were already infected with the virus.