Warning Goes Out: Fish Is All Pain, No Gain

Warning Goes Out: Fish Is All Pain, No Gain
BEWARE: A sign previously erected at Riverview after a spate of stonefish stings. Max Fleet BUN170915STN4

A WARNING has gone out to watch where you step at our beaches.

This comes after a Woodgate woman found a stonefish on the sand at the Theodolite Creek on Thursday.

Mary-Ellen Ross took to social media to warned residents to be careful after a young man pointed out the stonefish, which was found with a hook in its mouth.

Ms Ross said she felt bad for the fish and removed the hook before she went to bury it, but was advised the deadly fish remained a danger to humans even though it was dead.

The poisonous fish was then "double bagged" and placed in the bin.

"I felt horrible, but wanted to keep people safe," Ms Ross said.

"First of all if you catch a venomous fish don't leave it with the hook in its mouth on the dry sand - it's cruel and dangerous."

Warning Goes Out: Fish Is All Pain, No Gain
STUNG: A stonefish the same size of a 20 cent piece stung Bundaberg resident at Riverview Jetty Photo Contributed. Contributed

It's not the first sighting of the deadly fish in the area.

Surf Life Saving Queensland Wide Bay Capricorn regional manager Craig Holden previously said two or three specimens per season were reported and they were found most commonly around areas where people launched their boats.

And earlier this year while visiting the region an Irish man stepped on a stonefish in the shallow waters of Seventeen Seventy.

STUNG: Keven Renshaw described the excruciating pain he was in after he was stung between the toes by a stonefish at Seventeen Seventy. Contributed

Keven Renshaw described the pain as excruciating and said he wouldn't wish the pain on his worst enemy.

In 2015 Elliott Heads Surf Life Saving Club member Brenton Wilson was stung at the Riverview jetty while cast netting for bait fish.

Mr Wilson said it took less than half a minute for the hot pain to radiate from the sting.

He was stung by stonefish smaller than a 20c piece (above).